Jungle Scout Review: The Ultimate Tool for Amazon Product Research?

Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout is a highly accurate tool, which performs key product research for Amazon Sellers. It’s really easy to navigate and clear to understand if a product has the potential to be profitable. We can’t get enough of the Chrome Extension. Their software will take you from idea, through to sales & retention. It’s a game changer.

  • Fast, Reliable Data
  • Highly Detailed Metrics
  • Helps you to Avoid Unprofitable Products & Niches
  • You can find a Supplier from the Software
  • The Leader in FBA Product Research Tools
  • The Beginner Plan lacks features

Price: From $49.95

Are you looking for the a research toolkit that’s going to optimise your Amazon business and drive monthly sales? Perhaps a Helium 10 alternative? Then this may be the tool for you.

Continue reading for our Jungle scout review and learn more!

What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an impressive Amazon research tool that aims to streamline Amazon sellers’ workflow. It’s available as a web app and a Chrome extension. If you need help Installing that, we have a tutorial to help you.

The app was developed by Greg Mercer and had a viral launch back in 2015. Since then, Jungle Scout has garnered over 220,000 users worldwide.

If you plan on diving into the sales industry of Amazon, success may be hard to come by due to competition. But that’s why apps like these exist:

New and experienced sellers can use Jungle Scout to find new successful product ideas, trending keywords, and key price points.

Jungle Scout Tools Overview

The app comes with a wide arsenal of tools that sellers can use to analyse the market, including the extensive keyword scout feature, the opportunity score, and the average price calculator, to name a few.

Over 220,000 Amazon sellers use Jungle Scout to find new niches and improve their sales rank. The question is – are you ready to join them?

Product Research

The Product Database

To achieve solid profits on Amazon, you have to do a fair share of market research. That goes for every product you intend to sell. And yes, it takes up huge chunks of time.

After all, finding profitable products requires browsing multiple websites, analysing a product’s popularity (demand), potential competition, and profitability margins.

All these steps that once took up hours of one’s time can now be done with a few clicks, thanks to tools such as Jungle Scout.

database overview
database search results

Jungle Scout optimises most of the taxing aspects of product research. It gives you access to Amazon’s endless list of products to analyse.

The features that Jungle Scout’s Product Database lets you utilise include:

  • Including and excluding keywords and top brands
  • Product tiers (standard or oversized products)
  • Amazon’s product categories (e.g., electronics, pet supplies, musical instruments, etc.)
  • Seller types (Amazon, FBA, and FBM)
  • The average price of a product
  • Filters (e.g., revenue, price, LQS, reviews, etc.)
  • Marketplaces

While giving users a wide variety of options for search customisation, Jungle Scout is still very accessible. It’s intuitive, and the options are straightforward, making it user-friendly and viable for new and experienced sellers alike.

Product Tracker

The Product Tracker helps determine whether a product has sufficient demand on the market. As the name suggests, the Product Tracker provides you with a product’s sales over time. And it tracks all the necessary information in real-time, too.

There are a few options to start tracking your target products. You can do this by:

  • Adding the products’ ASINs or Amazon URLs (up to 10)
  • Importing from the browser extension
  • Importing from the Product Database
  • Choosing recommended products based on your group name

Let’s go over the last option, as it’s one of the fastest ways to get started.

The web app will first introduce you to the overview page, where you can select “Add Products” or “Get Started.” You can then choose one of ten available marketplaces you wish to target.

The next part is rather convenient:

After naming your group (e.g., “appliances”), Jungle Scout will generate a list of products you can select right away, based on the list’s name.

tracker suggestions
tracker suggestions

You might find a lack of data for some products. However, the web app will gather additional information within 48 hours.

Your generated list can provide the following information:

  • Variant differences
  • Amazon category
  • Average prices
  • Fees
  • Average net
  • Average daily sales and rank
  • Average daily and monthly revenue
  • Dimensions
  • And much more
tracker results
tracker results

To select which information you’d like to track, you can choose the “Customize Columns” option and choose the desired parameters yourself.

tracker detailed view
tracker detailed view

Of course, you’re not limited to average values. You can also analyse individual listings. Clicking on a product creates a graph that visually represents a product’s performance.

Opportunity Finder

Next up, we’ll view Jungle Scout’s niche product research tools.

Successful Amazon sellers are always looking for new niche products worth investing in – but learning how to start hunting can be daunting at times. However, as with other features, Jungle Scout tried to make it intuitive and seamless.

And for the most part, they did a proper job.

The Opportunity Finder, formerly known as “Niche Hunter,” is the tool that helps you discover new ideas and upcoming trends.

The tool allows you to conduct product research based on several criteria.

opportunity finder filters
opportunity finder filters

To start coordinating your search, you can set several parameters:

  • Marketplaces
  • Amazon categories
  • Competition
  • Search volume
  • The average number of units sold
  • Seasonality
  • Niche score

The niche score is fantastic for helping you isolate promising opportunities and find a product niche that will sell. As a product research tool, it’s deceptively simple, though.

Users should always take the given results with a grain of salt – and consult additional sources.

Jungle Scouts Opportunity Finder grades products with a score from one to ten. This number is the product’s opportunity score – or “niche score.” As you’d expect, a higher opportunity score indicates a better product niche to focus on.

And while this research tool aggregates demand, competition, and other factors, it doesn’t fully account for market saturation. So, you should not take these scores at face value when starting with your Amazon FBA business.

After setting all desired search criteria, Jungle Scout gives you a list of products, which you can sort based on niche score, category, competition, etc.

Selecting an individual product will give you detailed graphic information about it.

For example, here’s a look at St. Patrick’s Day-themed shirts for women. As one would expect, these shirts have a high seasonality ranking, as shown below:

opportunity finder seasonality details
opportunity finder seasonality details

We’ve listed an obvious example, of course.

Nonetheless, Jungle Scout has developed an excellent tool for narrowing down demand cycles – and using them to your advantage.

Category Trends

The following section deals with historical rank data of specific products and categories. After selecting a category or subcategory, Jungle Scout will list 100 top-ranked products to analyse further.

category trend screenshot
category trend screenshot

Selecting a specific product will give you a simple graph depicting its rankings:

category trend historical rank
category trend historical rank

But that’s just the starting point.

“Trends” can be an excellent tool for a variety of purposes. Namely, you’ll notice a few icons in the upper right corner after selecting a product. The listed options allow you to either look up the product on Amazon, add it to your tracker, or search for keywords related to it.

category trend more options
category trend more options

One important thing to note about this tool is that it currently only supports the United States marketplace. The Jungle Scout development team plans on implementing other marketplaces in the future, though.


Supplier Database

supplier database
supplier database

Once you’ve settled on a promising product, you’ll have to source it. That’s where Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database comes in:

As an all-in-one Amazon seller platform, Jungle Scout covers the supply aspect of the business, as well. You can start searching for the supplier based on a specific product, a competitor’s legal company name, supplier factory’s name, or even ASIN.

With this research tool, you can find out what suppliers the top-ranking brands use – and more easily get in touch with them.

Jungle Scout provides additional insights by collecting available info about imported shipments. What’s more, it presents that information in an accessible manner:

supplier database results
supplier database results

The “View More” drop-down menu lets you see a supplier’s shipment history.

supplier shipment history
supplier shipment history

And below that, you’ll find additional shipment information, including shipment descriptions, cargo weight, and quantity.

supplier shipment information
supplier shipment information

Supplier Tracker

After browsing the suppliers’ database and finding factories that interest you, you can sort them into groups by clicking the “Save Supplier” button. You can then access and view your custom groups in the Supplier Tracker.

supplier charts
supplier charts

At first, the Supplier Tracker might appear to only be a “Favourites” section – but there are additional options, apart from the pie charts, shipment history, and shipment information.

Namely, you can:

  • Add and compare quotes
  • Keep track of the samples you receive from suppliers
  • Keep notes
  • Create purchase orders directly
purchase order form
purchase order form

Keyword Research

Keyword Scout

Jungle Scout comes with an all-in-one keyword research tool to help you get the best results, generate keyword ideas, and start planning your sales. They’ve also made great vidoes on keyword research.

The app shows you what customers are looking for when they look up a specific keyword. In other words, you get to see precisely how customers look up the items they want to buy and optimise your listings accordingly.

keyword scout search
keyword scout search

When researching a keyword, you can see the following information:

  • Similar keywords
  • A 30-day search volume of an exact keyword
  • A 30-day search of a keyword that broadly matches your search
  • 30 and 90-day trends
  • The recommended number of daily promotions required to reach high rankings
  • Dominant category
  • Organic product results for a specific keyword
  • Total number of sponsored products connected to a keyword
  • Exact and broad PPC bid
  • Ease to rank
  • Relevancy score (which tells you how closely a keyword is related to the seed keyword)

Reverse ASIN Lookup for Competitor Analysis

You can also perform reverse ASIN and URL searches with Jungle Scout. With this option, you can find all keywords related to a product.

Doing that provides insight into your competitors’ products and approaches. Furthermore, you can analyse a keyword’s trend pattern over time.

Alternatively, you can apply filters for your products and your competitors – and then compare relevant keyword data.

Either way, using this tool helps when coming up with ideal keywords for future listings.

Listing Builder

The next tool we’ll be looking at helps to further improve your listing rankings and track their performance in real-time.

With the Listing Builder, you can curate lists of high-traffic keywords and generate potent SEO strategies accordingly.

It’s a fairly intuitive tool. You can create lists on the spot – or import pre-made collections. If that doesn’t suit your workflow, Jungle Scout allows you to find the keywords you need using advanced filtering systems.

Oh, and since you need to sync your Amazon Seller Central account with Jungle Scout, you can quickly transfer and use data between them, too.

Rank Tracker

Jungle Scout also comes with a rank tracking tool, providing real-time status of your and your competitors’ product performance. It shows specific keyword performance, too.

That is one of our favourite product research features, as it helps track several keywords that a product is tied to. Plus, you can choose which keywords you’d like to track from the drop-down menu.

And below, there’s further information on ease of ranking, search volumes, and more.

As with the Keyword Scout tool, viewing individual products will generate graphs of every notable keyword’s performance. Additionally, you can view the number of units sold for each product.

You can utilise this detailed keyword overview to gauge the future performance of specific keywords. If a keyword’s history shows recurrent trends in particular periods throughout the year, you can plan your marketing accordingly.

As for competitor tracking, the Jungle Scout Rank Tracker tool lets you reverse-search ASINs and discover powerful keywords through them. Once you find high-traffic keywords, add them to your listings – and observe the results.


Jungle Scout is a lot more than a research tool for Amazon sellers. It also helps you organise and automate promotions for your products. Moreover, Amazon FBA sellers can promote products – and generate sales – via Jungle Scout’s “Jump Send.”


With Jungle Scout, Amazon sellers can launch promotional campaigns quickly and efficiently – and the “Promotions” section is there to make it happen.

So, what kind of options do you have here?

During setup, you can include coupon codes, discounts, and your products’ descriptions. And although Jungle Scout can automate every tedious task, you can also do everything manually.

The manual options are helpful if you’d like to approve of every customer yourself. You even get to set daily limits for the number of products purchased through promotions or in general.

Once you input your preferences and the launch dates, your campaigns are ready to launch.

Automated Emails

Aside from the automated promotional campaigns, Jungle Scout also gives you access to email templates. You can customise these templates and automate them by specifying the time and date when the emails will go out, along with optional feedback.

Review Automation

Here we come to another great tool – Amazon ToS approved, and allegedly first of its kind, it’s one of the best tools for Amazon sellers.

Review Automation automatically sends review requests to customers. It’s very convenient, as review requests can take up large chunks of valuable time to send.

So, instead of manually requesting reviews, you can automate this menial process. And to show just how convenient this tool is, Jungle Scout will calculate how many hours you’ve saved with Review Automation.

Alerts & Notifications

You will need detailed insight into significant changes to your or your competitors’ products. Whether it’s a sudden jump in sales for a competing product or a drop in ratings, Jungle Scout will let you know.

The Alerts section provides a variety of customization options, including:

  • Rating drop alerts
  • Added or removed reviews
  • Listing changes
  • Buy Box owner changes
  • The Number of Sellers on a listing
  • Changes of a product’s availability changes

Apart from these options, you can also customize filters to include relevant information, such as product weight, dimensions, best seller rank, and so on.

alerts settings
alerts settings

Alerts can save any Amazon seller lots of time, there’s no doubt about it. Instead of wasting your resources tracking the different products of interest, you can wait to be informed of any relevant changes.

Sales Analytics

Do note that, as with other tools, you’ll need to connect your Amazon Seller Central account to Jungle Scout before reaping the benefits.

The Sales Analytics feature is like an online accountant for Jungle Scout users. It’ll point you to where you’re making profits – and where you can improve. Plus, everything works in real-time, which helps accurately track products and make better decisions.

PPC Advertising

At some point, you’ll need in-depth information on your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns, including details like how much you’ve spent on a campaign, or your total revenue compared to organic sales.

Profit Overview

Jungle Scout can quickly display your total revenue, net profit, and cost of goods overall. This tool also gives an overview of various costs that have been subtracted from your total revenue.

In other words, you can see the amount of profits lost through refunds and such.

P&L Statement

The P&L Statement, or Profit & Loss Statement, helps divide your total revenue and organise it into costs and profits.

In this section, you can access a dozen areas of expense – and see how it affects your final net margin. These areas of revenue division include PPC fees, taxes, prices per unit, shipping, and more.

Jungle Scout collects most of this data automatically. However, you’ll have to manually input some relevant data every now and then.

Other Transactions

As Jungle Scout clearly states, the “Other Transactions” section deals with various additional expenses. These include import fees, additional off-Amazon account revenue, and FBA inbound shipping costs, to name a few.

Manage Products

As with the Marketing section, you must connect Jungle Scout to your Amazon Seller’s account to fully utilise the following features.

Inventory Manager

Once you’ve synced your accounts, Jungle Scout will load the required information. Afterward, the Inventory Manager will give you a full overview, including:

  • Reorder costs
  • Average daily sales
  • If the item is in stock or in need of reordering
  • Dates to reorder

By selecting individual products, you can see how your inventory has been developing. Jungle Scout can calculate and inform you of reordering costs as well as profits (returns).

To gain further insight into your products’ performance, you can also isolate PPC campaigns or seasonal products.


We’ve gone over all Jungle Scout tools – but the Academy is something entirely different. In the Academy section, you’ll discover informative videos and courses on Jungle Scout – and sales in general.

academy screenshot
academy screenshot

There are several videos to get you started with Jungle Scout, explaining how it works and its features.

For example, there’s a twelve-video series on product research and over a dozen hours’ worth of tutorials just for the features. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Web Extension

As we near the end of this Jungle Scout review, let’s look at the Jungle Scout Chrome extension. Although it’s officially called the “Chrome extension,” it also works for Brave and other similar browsers.

The Chrome extension isn’t just a quick analysis tool to use when you’re in a hurry, though. It comes with in-depth analysis features to use when browsing Amazon.

chrome extension screenshot
chrome extension screenshot

Jungle Scout Pricing

The web app – referring to the entire platform – has a tiered payment system. Here’s a quick look into every tier:

First is the Basic tier. It costs $49 per month or $349 per year. To put it simply, the name says it all. It’s the most stripped-down version of Jungle Scout available. But that doesn’t mean it’s not without it’s benefits.

Users are limited to:

  • 20 products for the Product Tracker
  • 500 Amazon Sales Estimates monthly
  • three searches per day with the Opportunity Finder.

Next is the Suite tier, available at $69 per month, or $589 per year.

It’s a significant jump from the Basic tier. In fact, it feels like a fully-fledged product, compared to the previous one.

The Suite tier gives you:

  • 150 products for the Product Tracker
  • 1000 Amazon Sales Estimates
  • Unlimited searches with the Opportunity Finder
  • 3500 keywords with the Rank Tracker

Finally, there’s the Professional tier at $129 per month ($999 per year). Unlike the previous two tiers, the Pro version allows up to six users right away.

With the Professional tier, you get:

  • 1000 products for the Product Tracker
  • 1500 Amazon Sales Estimates
  • Unlimited searches with the Opportunity Finder
  • 5000 keywords with the Rank Tracker

Each of these tiers comes with additional options, but the ones we’ve listed are the main selling points.

Jungle Scout Free Tools Overview

Aside from the helpful stuff we’ve covered so far, Jungle Scout has made several free resources and tools available for anyone selling on Amazon.

These include:

  • Amazon Sales Estimator
  • Listing Grader
  • FBA Profit Calculator

The Amazon Sales Estimator lets you see the average monthly sales of multiple categories. To use the tool, you’ll need a product’s category, a marketplace, and the best-sellers’ rank.

Next, we have the Listing Grader. While it’s not as robust as the Listing Builder on the Jungle Scout web app, it still helps with listing optimization.

Lastly, there’s the Amazon FBA Profit Calculator. This tool will be especially helpful to new sellers. Those new to the Amazon business lack the expertise to properly calculate their profit margin. Plus, there are lots of additional fees to consider.

You can use this free tool to see all the small fees that go into your product’s sales.

To use this free tool, you’ll need to input some basic product information, as well as marketing costs. It’s simple – but it’s a nice start for anyone doing Amazon research.

What Are Jungle Scout’s Downsides?

For such a crucial and extensive tool, we dislike the lack of a free trial.

The Basic version of the app is limited enough and doesn’t feel like a genuine product. It’s more of an example of what the tool can do, intended to lead people directly to the Suite package.

Considering that one’s livelihood can depend on the app, a free trial would’ve been expected.

With that said, the learning curve might be steep for some users – but the website’s forums are filled with customer support threads for any issues you can run into.

Jungle Scout Review Summary

So, is Jungle Scout worth it?

To summarize – Jungle Scout is a fantastic tool for any niche hunter out there. It’s had a viral launch and has kept a solid track record with businesses selling on Amazon.

We believe it’s one of the best tools currently available. Jungle Scout offers an advanced toolkit, including custom dashboards, detailed product database, inventory manager, keyword scout, and more.

It also completely automates a large portion of tedious tasks, allowing you to invest time into what matters.

You can trust Jungle Scout to help you boost your sales revenue, generate product ideas – and improve product ranking.

With that said, new sellers will need some time to learn the business and get comfortable with the web app and the Chrome extension.

And that’s where we’ll wrap up this Jungle Scout review. Let’s move on to possible alternatives for this app – and answer some frequently asked questions.

Jungle Scout Alternatives

Although impressive, Jungle Scout isn’t the only tool out there. Our top recommendation for a Jungle Scout alternative would be Helium 10.

If you’d like to know more, you can read our extensive Helium 10 review.

Are There Free Alternatives To Jungle Scout?

Yes, there are two notable free alternatives to Jungle Scout – Unicorn Smasher and Scope.

Here are other articles which are useful for you when comparing against competitors:

Jungle Scout FAQ

How Much Does Jungle Scout Cost?

The app’s pricing ranges from $39 to $69 a month, or $228 to $588 a year. That doesn’t include Cobalt – Jungle Scout’s exclusive app, available only to brands and agencies.

Is Jungle Scout Accurate?

Jungle Scout has a reported accuracy rate of 84.1%. Most of the information users receive is in real-time – although some data takes several hours to update.

Is Jungle Scout Owned by Amazon?

No. Jungle Scout is just a tool that helps boost sales revenue. While many FBA sellers use Junge Scout to find profitable products, Jungle Scout isn’t owned by Amazon.

Is Jungle Scout Free?

The Jungle Scout extension and app are not free. However, Jungle Scout features a couple of free resources you can use to calculate your profit margin and optimize listings.

Does Jungle Scout Have a Free Trial?

No, it does not come with a free trial. However, Jungle Scout users have a 14-day-money-back guarantee available. You can get this using the banner at the top of this article.

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