Dilato Review: Is Dropshipping profitable in the UK?

Drop shipping is a great way to generate income and is something you can start from the comfort of your sofa.

I’ve been drop shipping for a decent amount of time now and have enjoyed the process. Although it has included some steep learning curves it has been a rewarding process. As your business grows a helping hand is always useful and Dilato provides you with just that. 

That’s why I want to talk to you about Dilato and provide you with my own personal review of the software. Dilato has saved me a ridiculous amount of time and countless hours. So I wanted to share it with you whilst also talking about it honestly. Let’s get into this Dilato Review to find out if this product is suitable for you.

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Are you new to selling and are looking for a way to start a side hustle relatively easily? I’ll provide you with my thoughts on Dilato so you can decide if it is the right software for you. 

Before we delve in it is important to mention that Dilato is only currently available in the UK. So if you are not located in the UK it may be worth looking at my other blogs to find a business model which better suits you. 

What is Dilato? 

Dilato is a drop shipping software which helps you to grow an online business. The Dilato subscription ensures 24/7 monitoring of your account, helping you to grow your account and list items to grow your business. Dilato helps you to list thousands of items if you decide that’s what you want to do. Yes really! I have grown my account with Dilato over the last few months and it has been great to look back at the process.  

With Dilato you can update the price and stock levels of your items in just 5 clicks. Rather than manually updating your items price and stock levels Dilato does this all for you. This way all you need to focus on is processing the orders which come through and updating your listings.

Dilato is a subscription-based platform, with the amount you pay increasing based on how many listings you have. I, and I believe most of other people, start at the 250-listing subscription which is £23.99 per month. I found this to be a good amount of inventory space for me and from here you can always upgrade your listing subscription when you want to grow. I found this was useful as I could review my business each month and upgrade as and when I needed to rather than paying a flat price but not utilising it it to the fullest. 

With Dilato’s Dashboard feature you can also visually see how your account is growing which I have found really motivating throughout the process. 

So how does Dilato work? 

Dilato does what it says on the tin. Once you have set your eBay and Dilato account you have set up your foundations, congratulations! Once you get to this point and made sure your items are paired (this sounds complicated, but I promise it’s not), you can then use Dilato to track your items price and stock changes. 

If this sounds like too much don’t worry. Dilato helps you through each part of this process with their help guides. This includes all things eBay and Amazon too. 

When you open a Dilato account, the Dilato team will add 250 ASINs to your account for free. This was helpful to me as although I had some products to add to my account already having items for free is always a bonus! 

Along with tracking your products Dilato also have a gold ASIN service.  Gold ASIN’s are items which have been hand-picked by the folks at Dilato and have the potential to make you lots of profit. 

For this review, I decided to order gold ASINs to see how they fared. I don’t think that gold ASINs are the secret way to instantly make profit, you still need to be pro-active. However I found that the gold ASINs I ordered helped to boost my monthly sales and saved me time I would have spent completing product research. 

On reflection I found them useful and would use them to boost my sales but I personally enjoy the control I have when finding products rather than being given items. Even if it takes more time I enjoy the process of hunting for a great item.

If you had less time to do your own research gold ASINs are a handy alternative. Gold ASINs work out costing 5p each so 200 of them would cost you £10. Depending on your strategy you might decide to primarily use gold ASINs, source your own products or use a mixture of the two.  

Another useful feature of Dilato is its Dashboard feature. With the dashboard feature you can see your total sales, total orders, new listings, total listings as graphs and your best-selling products. 

These graphs are a good way to visualise your growth and see how your account is growing on a daily or monthly basis. The best-selling products section is the strongest part of this page, showing you your best-selling products with the linked ASIN. In the next column is the quantity sold and then the total revenue. 

Using these ASIN links, you can then look for other best-selling products and spot potential trends. This was a useful feature for me and helped me to find new products I wouldn’t have thought to look at beforehand. It became like a map you could use to find other items which sell well and is a feature I liked.

Dilato tutorial 

Let’s circle back to the set-up process for Dilato and look at it in more detail. If you are new to selling, I highly recommend checking out Dilato’s help guides section. Although I found the layout could do with updating the information was written clearly. If you follow the ‘set-up’ section, this is like the nuts and bolts of drop shipping. 

The other guides you can then use when you need them. I recommend checking out the help guide on completing a price and stock update as you will be using this daily. 

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to opening a Dilato account is making sure you have an eBay account you can use. Dilato requires you to pair your items to your eBay so depending on your eBay listing limits you will only be able to list a certain number of items. This will increase as your businesses grows but it is good to know from the offset. 

Once you have your ASINs you can focus on adding them to your eBay account. Following the guides, I found this to be pretty easy to do. 

In your Dilato inventory you can see all your ASINs in one place and is the main page you will use in Dilato. Across the top of your inventory, you can see the different pages. 
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  • Inventory – this is your main page and shows you your items. If you click here, you can also access the dropdown menu to pair your items, review products and see Dilato’s blocklist. 
  • Import – as the name suggests this is where you import/add your products to Dilato. In the job’s section you can see a breakdown of each import. 
  • Listing health – here you can check the status of your items and fix any errors
  • Affiliate – Dilato offer an affiliate scheme so you can earn commission for each person which joins Dilato with your affiliate link. 
  • Product Hunter – this is where you can order gold ASINs and check on the status of your orders.
  • Copyr – this is Dilato’s semi-automated ordering tool however I haven’t used it yet. 
  • Help – here you can find Dilato’s help guides and FAQ section. 
  • Join the Community – as part of your Dilato membership you can join their Discord Community Group. Here you can ask questions and learn more about drop shipping from other users. 

A note about the blocklist. 

From my own experience I have found that certain items are blocked on Dilato from importing. This includes hazardous or dangerous items like knives or chemicals as well as items which could put your eBay account at risk. This could be a brand which can file copyright allegations for an ASIN. This can be frustrating when an item is blocked. However, if it means my account stays safe I don’t see it as a big issue. 

The Community 

The Discord Community is an incredible resource which is welcoming and helpful. Lets say you have a question, someone who has experienced the exact same thing can give you an answer.

By having other people who know what you are going through the Discord is a great place to learn tips and tricks you might never find online. 

With a results channel in the group you can post your results and congratulate others. And if posting messages in the chat isn’t your thing it’s  still a great place to hear the latest updates. 

Offer link and subscription plans 

In comparison to other software’s Dilato is a great option if you are just starting out and are looking for something with a relatively low entry point. 

With subscriptions beginning at £23.99 all you need to think about when starting out is setting up your eBay account and an Amazon account to order items from if you don’t have one already. 

Although there are costs when it comes to eBay business accounts and Amazon Prime memberships the incline is gradual. Unlike Amazon FBA you do not need to focus on buying larger quantities of stock when you are just starting out. With drop shipping you can invest gradually, growing the amount you invest as your business grows. 

Is Dilato suitable for me? 

Dilato is accessible for beginners, experienced sellers, and everybody in between. Although Dilato is not automated it is a great way to build a drop shipping business. As you grow more comfortable with the software there is also an opportunity to manage multiple accounts to create even more profit.

Whether you have experience drop shipping or are a complete newbie Dilato is an approachable software to sink your teeth into. By growing your business consistently and increasing your listings you can grow your drop shipping business as large as you like. 

As you grow more comfortable with Dilato, and your eBay listing limits increase you can then increase your Dilato listings. 

Does Dilato work? 

Dilato helps you to broaden your horizons and grow your own business. Once you are familiar with the processes involved with Dilato you can comfortably grow at a sustained pace. 

One thing I will mention is understanding that drop shipping is a business like any other. When first starting out it is important to be patient and not get demotivated when you have only just started. Consistency is key. 

How big could I grow with Dilato? 

Dilato offer plans from 250 listings all the way up to 30,000 listings. There is a huge opportunity for growth through Dilato. 

Although Dilato offer larger subscription plans you can also decide to create multiple accounts, so your eggs aren’t all in one basket. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Dilato, like any software has pros and cons. It is an incredibly reliable piece of software however I’m still interested to see how Dilato grows and improves. Below I have included my thoughts. 


  • Saves me a considerable amount of time. 
  • Ease of use – with multiple guides available you can easily work out how to resolve any issues.
  • Well priced and low start up costs when you begin. 


  • There isn’t an updated feature to see how many ASINs you have selected in your inventory. 
  • You are only able to see 10 items at once in your inventory which can be confusing.
  • Lack of videos explaining processes which is handy if you learn better that way. 

Dilato Review: Final Thoughts 

Dilato is a handy tool when it comes to growing your drop shipping business. It works well and has saved me a crazy amount of time. However, like all things there is always the opportunity to improve. I’d like to see Dilato push itself further and provide more features so that the user experience is enhanced. 

If you are looking for a drop shipping software that will monitor your products efficiently and quickly Dilato is for you. Because you aren’t in a contract you have flexibility with your Dilato subscription and can grow at whichever rate suits you. 

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