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Ready to Start Using SellerAMP SAS?

SellerAMP is the tool that I just couldn’t live without. We’ve managed to get an offer for our readers. Try the 14 Day Free Trial and see just how useful this is. You won’t look back.

During your Amazon FBA journey, you will reach a crossroads where you may be struggling to source a bunch of items which will ultimately lead to your profits being reduced.

What if I told you that sourcing items for FBA didn’t have to be difficult?

Introducing the Selleramp Review.

Oh, and believe me when I say, this nifty application is about to become your best friend. Quite literally.

So sit back and get ready for the most comprehensive tutorial for Selleramp online.

What is Selleramp?

Seller Amp SAS is a combination of tools for amazon sellers, which will crunch the numbers and tell you pretty quickly if an item is worth purchasing or not. The SAS stands for sourcing analysis simplified, and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Seller Amp arrives as a Google Chrome Extension, but there’s also a Web App, Android & iOS App which will work wonders for you. I’ll explain both in detail a little later on.

When I first started Amazon FBA, I thought that Seller Amp would just be something that I used at the start of my journey, before moving onto manual sourcing. However, it literally doesn’t make sense not to use this, as it saves you so much time. It’s main job is to answer these questions:

  • Can I sell the item?
  • Does the Item sell consistently on Amazon?
  • Will it be Profitable?

It works this out instantly, whilst also providing a range of other information on your browser that you can use for in-depth analysis. I’ll be completing a full Seller Amp Tutorial below, which will be a step by step guide of finding and analysing a deal. This is the tutorial that you’re going to want to read, if you’re in Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage & FBA.

If you’re worried that you’re going to be priced out of Selleramp sas, I really wouldn’t worry too much. It’s priced rather brilliantly, and I won’t say it too loudly, but I’d pay 2-3x more for this, purely for the amount of time that it saves. In saying that, I’m happy paying less!

What is SellerAmp

How does Selleramp work?

Selleramp works best if you have a Google Chrome browser, so you can maximise the functionality of their Extension. This extension will allow you to quickly scan every single website in order to find a profitable item. It’s also possible to download the apps from the App Store, but these aren’t quite as quick as the Chrome extension.

Seller amp works by scanning any piece of text that you search into their extension. This will then split your browser in half, so it’s half website, half sas sourcing analysis simplified, or Seller Amp.

The Seller Amp box will take 2-3 seconds to load up all of the vital information on your browser, but most importantly it will give you the BSR, the Maximum Cost & advise how many other offers are currently on the item. If you don’t understand this, you’ll find my Tutorial below with a full breakdown.

Before we start the tutorial, it’s important that before you go out searching for items to analyse, that you have configured Seller amp to your exact requirements. There’s a little bit of configuration required on the backend, such as setting your expected profit and ROI. In addition to this, we can set our Prep costs, which you can fine tune if you have a prep centre.

Free Trial Available?Yes, via this link
Does it Work?Yes
Customer ServiceIncredible
First Month Profit£232 (29.6% ROI)
Deals Analysed2,500+

Configuring Seller AMP Settings

SellerAMP shows you the profits on each item, but these will not be exact if you haven’t set up your settings beforehand. You need to set this up, before going on and looking for profitable items.

It’s really easy to set this up, even if you aren’t too sure what you’re doing. I’m going to run you through this, so perfect if you’re looking at how to set SellerAmp up.

Once you’ve activated your membership you’ll see this page

How to Configure SellerAmp Settings for Fees

I’ve highlighted the key things for you to check here, and it should only take you a few minutes. If that.

The first one is to check that your Home Marketplace is set to the correct version, this one should be self-explanatory! You need to ensure you are comparing your potential purchases against the correct market, as it’s not easy to do cross-country FBA Shipments and the fees are much higher. 

If you’re starting out, I wouldn’t even consider anything but a single country. It’s quite confusing and overwhelming.

My Home is, so I have selected it on the drop down box. The next important part to look at is the buying criteria. There’s no right or wrong answer here, it’s all down to your personal preference.

BSR means Best Seller Rank. As you can see, I have selected this to show for the top 2% of items as a maximum. This means that I will only be looking at purchasing items that fall withing the Top 2% of Best Sellers on Amazon. I select this, because it means that the stock should sell pretty fast.

What we are trying to avoid here, is looking for items that simply don’t sell enough. Typically the top 2.5% should be fine, but I like to work with the 2% rule. 

Just below this, you’ll have the option to select your minimum profit, in GBP, and your Minimum Return on Investment.

I wouldn’t worry too much about these four options, as it won’t hide the deals from you. Instead, it colours boxes in Red or Green to help you quickly analyse this.

Let me show you below. On the left, is a deal which does meet the BSR & Profit levels. On the right, it doesn’t.

Seller Amp Settings Configuration

This has been created purely for a quick ‘eye test’. With the idea being, if you see red, it doesn’t fit your criteria and you can move on. Once you’re up and running with SellerAmp, it’s funny how this actually does work!

The final thing that you’ll want to add is the fees under the additional costs. As a rule, I’d add £0.50 if you aren’t sure, as it will cover for any polybags, boxes and shipping costs.

How to use Selleramp Tutorial: Finding a Profitable Item

Now we’ve configured the settings, it’s perfect time to start the tutorial. For these purposes, I will be using Argos and looking at various Lego sets. This shouldn’t be too hard to find a profitable deal, providing I get a bit lucky with clearance stock.

Immediately after browsing Argos, I have found a set (which I’ve sold before) that I recall having good sales.

Selleramp Tutorial Example

The Lego 60281 set. Now we have a potential product, It’s time to see if it’s profitable. To do this, all we need to do is highlight the text of the item and right click. Just like below. I’ve highlighted this in Yellow, you need to click SAS Search.

Using SellerAMP Extension

This will then open up the SellerAMP SAS extension in the browser, attempting to find the item that you’ve requested.

This now searches Amazon, crunches the figures and displays them to you on the side of the browser. Initially, like below, it will give you those ‘Eye Test’ results showing the coloured boxes.

You should know have a brief understanding of these terms and you should see that this is a really good selling item on Amazon. As the eye test passes out fine, you should then proceed to click the result within SellerAMP. 

SellerAMP web browser
SellerAmp analysis in depth

It’s important to understand this part of the analysis. There’s a few more key areas to understand now, but they’re fairly simple. I was completely destroyed with nerves when I saw this at first, but it’s really simple once you’ve looked at a few offers.

One of the Key Boxes that you will see is the Eligibility button. If this has a NO, it means that you’re gated in the category and will need to apply to become ungated. SellerAMP also has a built-in option to attempt to automatically ungate you. A Welcome Addition.

In addition to this, you have the Maximum Cost price, which will calculate the maximum that you can pay for that item, to hit your profit targets that you set earlier.

The alerts tab will also show specific alerts such as Private Label, IP, Dangerous Goods & Hazmat. It’s worth checking this area out, but not so much of a problem if you apply for a Dangerous Goods selling licence via your seller portal.

You also get your charts included with SellerAMP, but I will be creating a separate article about reading these graphs, as it really will be information overload. The graph shows you the long term consistent price, which is the main thing to look at for now!

SellerAMP Profit Calculator Review

SellerAmp Profit Calculator

Calculating profits is always the fun part! This is one of the most comprehensive, yet simple to use FBA calculators that I have used. 

If you’re concerned about stock not selling and ruining your profits, you can select the storage time in months and watch how it changes the profits. This can help you to make a decision with slower moving items, that don’t sell on a daily basis. What’s even better here, is that the Amazon Fees are automatically calculated.

SellerAmp Checking other sellers

SellerAmp Offers

You already know by now that SellerAmp is clever. Another key component that we can utilise is the Offers section. 

This can help us to work out if there’s a big wholesaler selling lots of the item, or if it’s other FBA Sellers like ourselves.

Stock levels are checked and displayed in the above table and you can see with ease that this is all FBA sellers. They don’t have much stock of these at all, either. If you can buy some, by the time you’d send these in the price would be nearer the £21 mark, increasing profits.

As with most subscription services, you are given an extra discount if you pay for the annual subscription. This might work for you, and if you’re looking at maximising your Return on Investment I’d probably advise you to pay for the annual.

However, if cashflow is limited, you may be better off to purchase the monthly service offered. This will allow you to use your bank account balance to source more products and then cover the monthly operating costs with your profits. It may also be the better option if you want to try out the Profitl software, without signing up for a yearly package.

It all depends on which package you want. Personally, I only use the DealFinder package and I pay this annually. This is because it’s literally half price to pay annually. I treat this like sourcing a product, if I have the option to purchase it at 50% off, why not?

Plug Time; I work with mentoring, training and tutoring members, so if you are looking for an alternative you can always sign up to the Learn Retail Arbitrage waiting list. 

Tutorial Conclusion

It wasn’t that hard, was it!? SellerAmp is a great tool and once you’ve had a play around finding potentially profitable deals, you will soon get the hang of it.

If you’re just starting out with Amazon FBA, I would definitely reccomend you to use SellerAmp. The amount of time it will save, pays for itself.

Now, you should be able to combine all of the above components and start to find profitable FBA opportunities. It may take time though, but Amazon FBA is a learning process afterall. We are always on hand to assist.

How much does SellerAmp cost?

SellerAMP has multiple subscriptions available, based on your needs. If you can afford to, it’s always best to grab an annual pass and snatch the savings for doing so.

This is incredibly well priced and our favourite tool to use for our day to day analysis. This and Keepa, you need nothing else.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SellerAmp

I am genuinely struggling to find a disadvantage for SellerAMP. It’s design does seem a little aged, but it wouldn’t make any sense to have a modern interface that’s difficult to read. I think this is being super-critical though, the design interface suits me perfectly.

Perhaps; we could wish for the software to automatically populate the deals on the browser, rather than having to right click?


  • It’s the Best Tool for Quick Analysis
  • Priced Incredibly Well
  • It will save you so much time


  • Estimated Sales Figures Vary

Review of SellerAmp: Conclusion

SellerAMP is a top quality piece of kit, something that you definitely need if you’re starting out on Amazon. Even if you have experience, you’ll be amazed at how much time this app can save you.

Time that’s saved can then be used for sourcing more stock, prepping shipments or even taking some time off, so you can recharge before you put SellerAMP to work once more. 

You won’t regret signing up. See you on the other side!

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