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Keepa is a great tool for analysing data for Amazon Products. You need this in order to make an informed decision, and it’s affordable. There is a steep learning curve to reading the graphs, but we have a full tutorial below.

  • Incredible Data at your disposal
  • Accurate Historical Pricing Information
  • Very Affordable Subscription Costs
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Free Version lacks features

£16 per month

When you start off your Amazon FBA journey, there’s a very high chance that you’ll struggle finding items. Off the top of your head, you may be looking at things such as Hot Wheels, Lego or even seasonal items such as easy Christmas presents.

This sounds time consuming, which is my I’ve decided to produce this Keepa Review. If you’re fed up of looking for profitable items manually, I’d recommend you continue reading!

You need to ensure that you’re time efficient when doing Amazon FBA. If you’re a reseller that’s looking at FBA, it’s worth noting that with Amazon we earn less ROI per sale, but there’s a huge number of sales. Let’s get into this.

What is Keepa?

Keepa is a premium subscription service, offering members the chance to see product sales data. It’s a vital tool that provides analysis for you to digest, before purchasing an item. The sales rank history is just a class above.

This software will help you to snatch bargain deals from retailers, and you’ll be able to tell in seconds if the item is profitable or not.

Keepa offers Amazon sellers access to an Extension which works as an app. This integrates directly with your web browser, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google are all supported.

The Keepa browser extension will help you analyse information that you just can’t find on Amazon itself. From Historical sales rank to average sales ranks.

This is vital for retail arbitrage, as you will need to know if the item that you’re attempting to sell will make you profit. It shows you much more than this, too.

Keepa also manages the Sales Rank Data and price history for every single item that’s listed on Amazon. This will help you to make informed decisions, as you can check which items are peaking in price, or which items aren’t selling huge numbers.

There are two Amazon FBA products that I can’t do without, the first is Keepa. It’s so powerful.

Keepa BSR Analysis

Keepa may look confusing at first, but the data is fantastic. Once you get to grips with how the tool works, you’ll be flying through it. 

Although I will admit, when I first looked at the charts and data, I thought I wouldn’t be able to cut it. I saw everyone pushing Keepa and when I decided to bite the bullet, I genuinely wish I had started months earlier.

Keepa Features List

Whilst Keepa is very detailed and full of information, it can be broken down into three main features. It does a lot more than this, but let’s get to grips with the basics first. Note, this section will contain quite a lot of information, so try not to get overwhelmed. I want this guide to be informative, without putting any users off the idea of using it. You can skip to the tutorial below for how to use Keepa. 


Although Data isn’t first on the Keepa website list, this is the place where you will spend most of your time sourcing deals on Amazon.

This is rammed full of information, which is perfect for analysis. You can be as brief, or as in-depth as you wish. The main area that you will use is Product Finder, but don’t discount the others. Within the Data section, we have access to:

  1. Product Finder
  2. Product Viewer
  3. Product Best Sellers
  4. Top Seller List
  5. Category Tree
  6. Keepa API

Let’s explain exactly what each one of these means, and how they operate.

Keepa Product Finder

The Product Finder is your gateway to Amazon FBA. This will work wonders for your sourcing attempts. Let me explain why.

The Keepa Product Finder allows you to find a range of products that are being sold on Amazon, by searching the entire database of Amazon.

What makes this even better, is that you can search using a wide range of filters than will in turn, help you find purchasing opportunities.

There are lots of filters which you can activate, too many to mention each one, but the ones that you’ll use often will be:

  • Sales Rank – This is the filter which allows you to choose the sales rank for a specific category or brand.
  • New Price – You can select the Minimum and Maximum current sell price. It’s always advisable to set a high minimum price, to avoid any results that are too cheap & non-profitable.
  • Title & Brand – This is the section that allows you to drill through specific categories and subcategories. In a recent update there’s been the option to search the title, in addition to being able to exclude results too.
  • Offer Counts – You can choose how many people are competing on a specific offer.
  • Buy Box Seller – You can choose whether you want to see Amazon, or 3rd Parties on the Buy Box
  • Additional – You can remove digital products & other variations from results, in addition to setting your preferred Amazon Out of Stock percentage.
Keepa Product Finder Results

Keepa Product Viewer

The product viewer is simple, yet very effective. You can use this as a Wish List effectively, or as a monitor for your replenishable items (to track their current prices).

Keepa Product Viewer

This works pretty well, although I must add that I don’t really utilise it. It’s definitely a nice added bonus though for someone that would make use of it.

The idea here is to either import, or copy and paste a list of your ASIN’s. For this example, I’ve added just two ASINs and I will load this list to the platform.

Keepa Product Viewer Tutorial

The end result is then your loaded table. Note, I’ve added these randomly, as it’s the first thing I found on Amazon. Although I do love a bit of Lego!

Although I’ve stated I don’t use it, I can already think of scenarios which would be made easier by this software. For example, I could easily ask my partner to load this up, check the price and then confirm if more should be ordered. It’s pretty handy. 

Keepa Product Best Sellers

This is a very useful tool, which displays every category available and simply shows every item that’s a best seller. This will allow you to sort through specific lists with ease. 

You can also filter this for moving averages, 30 day average up to 180 day average (so you can get a full idea of moving trends).

Product Best Sellers Keepa

Top Seller List

This is one of my least used features, but again, it has a purpose.

The top seller list will allow you to see the best sellers on Amazon, and will advise you if they utilise FBA or not. I suppose if you look for long enough, it has the potential to help you find a lead or two. Let’s put it to the test.

Keepa Top Seller List Advanced

At random, I have decided to pick on Gizmo Heaven. If you select their name, it will take you to an advanced page where you can find some extra information.

You can see their ratings, how many reviews that they have received in addition a useful link that will take you directly to their storefront.

From this point, you could easily see what products they have for sale & then search Google and see if you can also find these. I won’t do that here though, as I’d be upset if my leads had been lost through a tutorial.

Keepa Review Seller Metrics

Category Tree

Simple and Effective. This one does it all. In fact, this tool helped me find one of my best selling replenishables that are still selling well today.

In addition to this, it opened up me eyes to the amount that I could scale. You’re no different to me. Yet this is just a list!

Keepa Category Tree

Wrong, it’s one of the best Tree lists in the world. Or at least, in the world of Amazon FBA. 

On the surface, you’ll just see categories and wonder what I’m seeing different. Have I uploaded the wrong image? No!

One of the issues that new sellers have, is sourcing. From my experience helping new users join & scale, the #1 issue tends to be knowing what to find. They might know a few items in a specific category, but completely ignore or even unaware that other categories exist.

If you have exhausted your typical categories and feel like sourcing is too difficult, this category tree will work for you in many ways. 

In addition to giving you more motivation, you’ll also be able to work with logic and browse through each category with ease.

This Category tree even shows you how many products are for sale in each sub-category, to help you target your next one to attack.

Look below, the Beauty category. The make up category has 6 branches alone, with the eye branch containing a further 9 sub-categories. 

It’s like inception, but FBA!

Keepa Category Tree Expanded View

Is Keepa suitable for me?

If you need a kick-start with the analysis side of finding deals, Keepa is definitely suitable for you. I have used Keepa on a number of occasions to reverse search Google, finding good selling items before actually finding the deals on other stores. 

You won’t regret signing up to Keepa & it will work great alongside Selleramp, which I think is the perfect combination of tools.

Does Keepa Work?

Of course it does! Keepa is really advanced, but it looks a lot more difficult than it actually is. After a few attempts of browsing the menus, you’ll be flying through them without issue.

Without this tool, you run the risk of purchasing a product with no demand. You won’t know what your competition are doing and you’ll be buying in blind. You may aswell place a bet on the football. Maybe you’ll win?

In the long run, Keepa will help you to run at maximum efficiency, buying good stock and regaining the edge over your competition.

How much does it cost?

Keepa is very affordable. You shouldn’t have any issues with the €189 annual fee, or €19 per month.

They only bill in euros, so your payment will automatically be converted. They accept Visa, Mastercard & AMEX.

I don’t recommend the free version as the Keepa Chart is limited, I’d definitely stick with the paid version to gain all the sales ranking at your fingertips.

Review of Keepa: Conclusion

I’m a huge believer of cutting business costs wherever possible, as it’s an easy way to increase your ROI%. However, sometimes you just need to invest. 

Keepa is one of these tools that you shouldn’t be without. It’s very affordable and the amount of time and money it can save you will pay for itself.

I really would advise anyone in Amazon FBA to check Keepa out. Once you have this, we would advise you to learn how to read a keepa chart.

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