Amazon Sales Rank Chart: Find Your Perfect Category

Amazon sales rank charts have gained significant popularity, serving as a pivotal tool for many. If you aren’t using them, you’re a step behind your competition.

That’s right. Your competition have viewed the charts which we have listed below, and made profit from them. They may look simple, but they guide purchasing decisions.

Ultimately, they will help you to understand what categories you should be sourcing items in. And what categories you desperately need to avoid.

Regrettably, in January of 2018, Amazon eliminated the feature that allowed users to conveniently find the number of products within a specific category. This move practically made the construction of sales rank charts unachievable.

We remain hopeful that Amazon will reintroduce this data in the future.

In the meantime, there are a couple of alternatives.

You have the option to view & download a copy of my regularly updated monthly sales rank chart available below.

Alternatively, feel free to explore the Amazon Sales Rank Chart provided below as per your preference.

What does Sales Rank mean?

Sales Rank, also known as Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank (BSR), is a system used by Amazon to rank products based on their historical sales data and relative performance in their respective categories. It’s a numerical representation of the product’s popularity.

A lower sales rank number (for example, 1) means the product is selling more compared to others in its category, and it’s essentially a best-seller. A higher sales rank number, on the other hand, indicates less frequent sales compared to other products within the same category.

It’s important to note that the sales rank can fluctuate quite frequently due to factors like changes in customer demand, time of the year, promotions, and more. Sales Rank doesn’t directly correlate with the quality of a product; it merely represents the product’s recent and past sales performance on Amazon.

Understanding what sales rank means can be beneficial for both sellers and buyers on Amazon. For sellers, it helps gauge product performance and strategize marketing efforts. For buyers, it provides an indicator of a product’s popularity and can influence their purchasing decision.

U.S Amazon Sales Rank Chart

CategoryProduct CountTop 0.5% BSRTop 1% BSRTop 2% BSRTop 3% BSRTop 5% BSRTop 10% BSR
Alexa Skills109,1335461,0912,1833,2745,45710,913
Amazon Devices & Accessories1131123611
Amazon Explore28913691429
Apps & Games811,1024,0568,11116,22224,33340,55581,110
Arts, Crafts & Sewing13,979,01869,895139,790279,580419,371698,9511,397,902
Audible Books & Originals764,2263,8217,64215,28522,92738,21176,423
Baby Products3,858,52719,29338,58577,171115,756192,926385,853
Beauty & Personal Care12,605,60763,028126,056252,112378,168630,2801,260,561
CDs & Vinyl8,092,10240,46180,921161,842242,763404,605809,210
Cell Phones & Accessories21,676,782108,384216,768433,536650,3031,083,8392,167,678
Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry217,332,3811,086,6622,173,3244,346,6486,519,97110,866,61921,733,238
Collectibles & Fine Art8,274,82141,37482,748165,496248,245413,741827,482
Digital Music54,155,096270,775541,5511,083,1021,624,6532,707,7555,415,510
Everything Else17,241,12186,206172,411344,822517,234862,0561,724,112
Gift Cards26,4841322655307951,3242,648
Grocery & Gourmet Food3,725,99718,63037,26074,520111,780186,300372,600
Handmade Products2,778,40013,89227,78455,56883,352138,920277,840
Health & Household10,332,93251,665103,329206,659309,988516,6471,033,293
Home & Kitchen125,022,106625,1111,250,2212,500,4423,750,6636,251,10512,502,211
Kindle Store8,258,30441,29282,583165,166247,749412,915825,830
Magazine Subscriptions43,1822164328641,2952,1594,318
Movies & TV6,761,03533,80567,610135,221202,831338,052676,104
Musical Instruments2,411,58212,05824,11648,23272,347120,579241,158
Office Products10,788,88053,944107,889215,778323,666539,4441,078,888
Patio, Lawn & Garden16,067,26780,336160,673321,345482,018803,3631,606,727
Pet Supplies7,932,31639,66279,323158,646237,969396,616793,232
Sports & Outdoors39,222,687196,113392,227784,4541,176,6811,961,1343,922,269
Tools & Home Improvement31,506,983157,535315,070630,140945,2091,575,3493,150,698
Toys & Games8,448,84142,24484,488168,977253,465422,442844,884
Video Games1,325,8326,62913,25826,51739,77566,292132,583
Video Shorts176,5208831,7653,5305,2968,82617,652

U.K Amazon Sales Rank Chart

CategoryProduct CountTop 0.5% BSRTop 1% BSRTop 2% BSRTop 3% BSRTop 5% BSRTop 10% BSR
Amazon Devices & Accessories6923714213569
Baby Products2,109,84910,54921,09842,19763,295105,492210,985
Business, Industry & Science2,832,00314,16028,32056,64084,960141,600283,200
CDs & Vinyl5,550,20227,75155,502111,004166,506277,510555,020
Digital Music9,274,17746,37192,742185,484278,225463,709927,418
DIY & Tools13,178,94365,895131,789263,579395,368658,9471,317,894
DVD & Blu-ray801,3254,0078,01316,02724,04040,06680,133
Electronics & Photo11,589,79857,949115,898231,796347,694579,4901,158,980
Garden & Outdoors5,395,44826,97753,954107,909161,863269,772539,545
Handmade Products504,7362,5245,04710,09515,14225,23750,474
Health & Personal Care3,675,78918,37936,75873,516110,274183,789367,579
Home & Garden4,710,73423,55447,10794,215141,322235,537471,073
Home & Kitchen36,437,673182,188364,377728,7531,093,1301,821,8843,643,767
Kindle Store4,331,54021,65843,31586,631129,946216,577433,154
Large Appliances542,8022,7145,42810,85616,28427,14054,280
Musical Instruments & DJ1,307,5936,53813,07626,15239,22865,380130,759
PC & Video Games733,6133,6687,33614,67222,00836,68173,361
Pet Supplies3,887,58119,43838,87677,752116,627194,379388,758
Shoes & Bags270,9491,3552,7095,4198,12813,54727,095
Sports & Outdoors10,199,02350,995101,990203,980305,971509,9511,019,902
Stationery & Office Supplies4,972,00424,86049,72099,440149,160248,600497,200
Toys & Games7,237,61836,18872,376144,752217,129361,881723,762

Canada Amazon Sales Rank Chart

CategoryProduct CountTop 0.5% BSRTop 1% BSRTop 2% BSRTop 3% BSRTop 5% BSRTop 10% BSR
Apps for Android38,8361943887771,1651,9423,884
Beauty & Personal Care3,001,03915,00530,01060,02190,031150,052300,104
Clothing & Accessories18,344921833675509171,834
Clothing & Accessories7,8743979157236394787
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories37,360,593186,803373,606747,2121,120,8181,868,0303,736,059
Everything Else2,888,96114,44528,89057,77986,669144,448288,896
Featured Stores92,4124629241,8482,7724,6219,241
Grocery & Gourmet Food628,8173,1446,28812,57618,86531,44162,882
Health & Personal Care3,066,85115,33430,66961,33792,006153,343306,685
Home & Kitchen30,299,949151,500302,999605,999908,9981,514,9973,029,995
Industrial & Scientific1,828,3329,14218,28336,56754,85091,417182,833
Kindle Store2,845,13514,22628,45156,90385,354142,257284,514
Luggage & Bags338237101734
Movies & TV1,207,2476,03612,07224,14536,21760,362120,725
Musical Instruments, Stage & Studio702,1333,5117,02114,04321,06435,10770,213
Office Products2,122,47110,61221,22542,44963,674106,124212,247
Patio, Lawn & Garden3,086,07115,43030,86161,72192,582154,304308,607
Pet Supplies2,346,05311,73023,46146,92170,382117,303234,605
Prime Video100,0215001,0002,0003,0015,00110,002
Shoes & Handbags3,25616336598163326
Shoes & Handbags8,4754285170254424848
Sports & Outdoors6,994,10634,97169,941139,882209,823349,705699,411
Tools & Home Improvement7,854,93239,27578,549157,099235,648392,747785,493
Toys & Games2,833,86114,16928,33956,67785,016141,693283,386
Video Games483,5672,4184,8369,67114,50724,17848,357

France Amazon Sales Rank Chart

CategoryProduct CountTop 0.5% BSRTop 1% BSRTop 2% BSRTop 3% BSRTop 5% BSRTop 10% BSR
Applis et Jeux496,1542,4814,9629,92314,88524,80849,615
Auto et Moto18,770,78693,854187,708375,416563,124938,5391,877,079
Beauté et Parfum5,868,47129,34258,685117,369176,054293,424586,847
Bébé et Puériculture2,304,31711,52223,04346,08669,130115,216230,432
Boutique Kindle13,806691382764146901,381
CD & Vinyles5,473,23427,36654,732109,465164,197273,662547,323
Chaussures et Sacs535,0112,6755,35010,70016,05026,75153,501
Commerce, Industrie et Science6,073,71130,36960,737121,474182,211303,686607,371
Cuisine & Maison51,284,729256,424512,8471,025,6951,538,5422,564,2365,128,473
DVD & Blu-ray1,564,1837,82115,64231,28446,92578,209156,418
Fournitures de bureau4,546,84322,73445,46890,937136,405227,342454,684
Fournitures de bureau1,393,9386,97013,93927,87941,81869,697139,394
Gros électroménager778,8093,8947,78815,57623,36438,94077,881
Hygiène et Santé5,465,99727,33054,660109,320163,980273,300546,600
Instruments de musique et Sono2,043,26910,21620,43340,86561,298102,163204,327
Jeux et Jouets6,214,85631,07462,149124,297186,446310,743621,486
Jeux vidéo881,0544,4058,81117,62126,43244,05388,105
Livres anglais et étrangers43,1772164328641,2952,1594,318
Luminaires & Eclairage3,450,78417,25434,50869,016103,524172,539345,078
Prime Video63,6113186361,2721,9083,1816,361
Produits Handmade405,2382,0264,0528,10512,15720,26240,524
Sports et Loisirs12,847,39764,237128,474256,948385,422642,3701,284,740
Téléchargement de Musique3,829,41019,14738,29476,588114,882191,471382,941

Germany Amazon Sales Rank Data Chart

CategoryProduct CountTop 0.5% BSRTop 1% BSRTop 2% BSRTop 3% BSRTop 5% BSRTop 10% BSR
Amazon-Geräte & Zubehör1,026510213151103
Apps & Spiele172,7908641,7283,4565,1848,64017,279
Auto & Motorrad14,759,50873,798147,595295,190442,785737,9751,475,951
Bier, Wein & Spirituosen227,3281,1372,2734,5476,82011,36622,733
Bürobedarf & Schreibwaren3,632,93218,16536,32972,659108,988181,647363,293
Computer & Zubehör6,890,42634,45268,904137,809206,713344,521689,043
Drogerie & Körperpflege4,717,50923,58847,17594,350141,525235,875471,751
DVD & Blu-ray1,471,3607,35714,71429,42744,14173,568147,136
Elektronik & Foto15,705,05978,525157,051314,101471,152785,2531,570,506
Fremdsprachige Bücher16,010801603204808011,601
Gewerbe, Industrie & Wissenschaft5,125,04925,62551,250102,501153,751256,252512,505
Handmade Produkte338,2041,6913,3826,76410,14616,91033,820
Handmade Produkte164,3648221,6443,2874,9318,21816,436
Koffer, Rucksäcke & Taschen63,5203186351,2701,9063,1766,352
Küche, Haushalt & Wohnen48,348,834241,744483,488966,9771,450,4652,417,4424,834,883
Lebensmittel & Getränke1,447,9887,24014,48028,96043,44072,399144,799
Musik-CDs & Vinyl4,202,60921,01342,02684,052126,078210,130420,261
Musikinstrumente & DJ-Equipment1,497,7977,48914,97829,95644,93474,890149,780
Prime Video946,8284,7349,46818,93728,40547,34194,683
Schuhe & Handtaschen393,5091,9683,9357,87011,80519,67539,351
Sport & Freizeit14,066,18670,331140,662281,324421,986703,3091,406,619

How the Amazon Sales Rank Chart is Calculated

Key Components in the Sales Rank Calculation

The Amazon Sales Rank, often referred to as the “Best Sellers Rank,” is calculated based on a product’s sales history. The key factor that contributes to a product’s sales rank is its recent sales. However, historical sales data still plays a part, although to a lesser extent.

For example, suppose a product (let’s say, a coffee mug) sold 50 units last week and only 10 units this week. This recent drop in sales could negatively affect its sales rank, pushing it down the list, despite the relatively high sales in the previous week.

Understanding Amazon’s Sales Rank Algorithm

Amazon’s algorithm for calculating sales rank is proprietary and not publicly available, which means the exact factors and their weights are not entirely known. However, it’s clear that recency of sales is a strong factor.

Continuing our example, if another product (say, a tea mug) sold 5 units last week and 20 units this week, its sales rank could potentially surpass the coffee mug. This is because its recent sales have seen an uptick, which Amazon’s algorithm may interpret as growing popularity.

Please note that while this example simplifies the process, in reality, Amazon’s algorithm takes into account many factors, including the category of the product, time of year, and more. These factors make the calculation of sales rank a dynamic and complex process. Understanding this calculation can help sellers devise effective strategies to improve their products’ sales rank.

How to Interpret the Amazon Sales Rank Chart

Reading and Understanding Chart Fluctuations

Understanding the Amazon Sales Rank Chart involves decoding the fluctuations within the chart. The sales rank is a number that Amazon assigns to a product based on its sales history and relative sales compared to other products in the same category. It’s important to remember that the sales rank fluctuates frequently due to changes in recent sales.

For instance, if a product experiences a surge in sales, its sales rank would improve (lower numerically), reflecting in a spike in the chart. However, if sales dwindle, the rank will decline (higher numerically), and the chart will show a dip. A fluctuating chart suggests varying sales performance over time.

High Sales Rank vs Low Sales Rank

Interpreting the ranking itself is also crucial for understanding the chart. A lower sales rank number (for example, a rank of 1) signifies a best-selling product within its category, indicating high sales volume. Therefore, a product with a sales rank of 1 would be the top-selling product in its category.

On the contrary, a higher sales rank number indicates lower sales volume. A product with a rank of 1,000,000, for instance, has fewer sales compared to a product with a rank of 500,000. It’s crucial to remember that a low sales rank doesn’t necessarily mean a product is of poor quality; it just means it sells less frequently compared to others in the same category.

By understanding these fluctuations and the meaning of high vs. low ranks, you can make more informed decisions about sourcing products and gauge the potential success of a product on Amazon.

How to Improve your Amazon Sales Rank

Effective Strategies to Improve Sales Rank

Improving your Amazon Sales Rank isn’t an overnight process; it requires strategic planning and continuous efforts. Here are some strategies:

  1. Improve Product Listings: Ensure your product listings are fully optimized with relevant keywords and high-quality images. An engaging, detailed product description can also attract more buyers.
  2. Encourage Customer Reviews: Request satisfied customers to leave positive reviews. This could enhance your product’s visibility and increase sales.
  3. Competitive Pricing: Regularly monitor and adjust your prices to stay competitive, which can lead to increased sales.
  4. Fast & Reliable Shipping: Partnering with Amazon FBA can ensure your products are shipped quickly and efficiently, leading to more satisfied customers and increased sales.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While trying to improve your sales rank, it’s equally important to avoid certain mistakes that could harm it. These include:

  1. Stockouts: Regularly running out of stock can significantly impact your sales rank, as it directly affects your sales volume.
  2. Poor Customer Service: Neglecting customer inquiries or complaints can lead to negative reviews, which can deter potential buyers and decrease sales.
  3. Ignoring Product Details: Incomplete or vague product listings can turn off potential customers. Make sure all necessary information is provided accurately and comprehensively.

By implementing these strategies and avoiding common pitfalls, you can significantly improve your Amazon sales rank over time.

Impact of Sales Rank on Product Visibility and Sales

Relation Between Sales Rank and Product Visibility

There’s a direct correlation between a product’s Amazon Sales Rank and its visibility on the platform. A higher sales rank (lower numerical value) often means a product is listed higher in Amazon’s search results, giving it more visibility to potential buyers. Consequently, products with better sales ranks are more likely to be seen by customers and can potentially result in higher sales.

How Sales Rank Affects Buyer Decision

A product’s Sales Rank can also impact a buyer’s decision. Customers often perceive products with a higher sales rank as popular and reliable choices. This perception can significantly influence their purchasing decision, leading them to opt for products with better ranks.

While the sales rank should not be the sole deciding factor for customers (as it doesn’t always reflect the product’s quality), it does play a substantial role in influencing purchasing decisions. As a seller, understanding the impact of sales rank on product visibility and buyer decisions can help you strategize better and target improvements in areas that directly affect your product’s sales rank.


Recap of Key Points

We have explored the intricacies of the Amazon Sales Rank Chart, including how it’s calculated, what the fluctuations in the chart represent, and how high versus low ranks affect a product’s visibility and potential sales. We also touched upon strategies to improve your sales rank and common mistakes to avoid for better product performance on Amazon.

Importance of Monitoring and Optimizing Amazon Sales Rank

The Amazon Sales Rank is a powerful tool for sellers. It can provide insights into how your product stacks up against the competition and help you identify areas that need improvement. Regularly monitoring your sales rank, understanding its dynamics, and working on enhancing it can play a pivotal role in the success of your product on Amazon.

By staying proactive and adaptive to changes, you can effectively optimize your Amazon Sales Rank, leading to increased visibility, customer trust, and ultimately, higher sales.

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