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This article contains our Helium 10 Review, which has been made to help Amazon sellers.

What we are looking for in this article? To find out if this product actually works. We’ve compared this against Jungle Scout, but now it’s time for a deep-dive.

The selling arena at Amazon has become a pretty cut-throat ordeal. To stay successful, you have to be aware of your inventory levels and the entire distribution chain – and not to mention all the marketing you have to do to sell the product.

The days of keeping all your data on a spreadsheet are long gone. To be successful in today’s eCommerce world, you will need a robust set of tools specifically designed to help you handle all the nuances of the business.

Enter Helium 10: 

This product was initially designed as a set of tools for Amazon sellers that were looking to up their game. In just four years, Helium 10 has grown into a robust all-in-one solution that can help you successfully handle all areas of eCommerce. 

From product research and keyword research to email analytics tools, Helium 10 comes with 20 tools that seamlessly integrate with Amazon’s workflow.

In this article, we’ll cover all the aspects of Helium 10 – and see why it’s among the most popular Amazon FBA business tools to date.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is currently the only Amazon FBA business service that provides you with SEO tools, product research, refunds, fraud protection, and tools for inventory management.

A screenshot of Helium 10 homepage footer image depicting their various tools
A screenshot of Helium 10 homepage footer image depicting their various tools

When you subscribe to Helium 10, you get access to more than 20 tools that cover:

  • Niche selection
  • Product research
  • Spying on competing products
  • Keyword research tools
  • Refunds
  • Inventory protector
  • Fraud prevention
  • Amazon index monitor

And the list goes on. 

As you can see, Helium 10 provides you with the ultimate toolset, allowing you to pick a product, scale the operation, and manage your e-store.

Why So Many Amazon Sellers Use Helium 10

The reason why most Amazon sellers use Helium 10 is that it does all the hard work automatically eliminating any guesswork from selecting products and growing the business.

A screenshot of the Helium 10 tools page
A screenshot of the Helium 10 tools page

Once you log in you’ll be greeted by a dashboard that gives you access to every piece of data you need to grow your e-commerce business.

As you can see, the dashboard gives you access to more than 20 tools you will need to build a thriving e-commerce business.

A screenshot of Helium 10 dashboard
A screenshot of Helium 10 dashboard

Helium 10 Makes Starting An Amazon FBA Business A Breeze

If there were such a thing as the perfect moment to get started as an Amazon seller, it would be now. Amazon has become the number 1 selling platform in the world.

With that said, there are quite a few challenges regarding setting up a private label in 2022.

So, let’s go over what these challenges are and, more importantly, how Helium 10 can help you overcome them.

Finding The Right Products On Amazon FBA

It’s getting progressively hard to find worthwhile, low competing products on Amazon FBA. You probably know that Amazon sellers call these products “winners.”

A few months back, the main winning product was gaming chairs. Take a look at how saturated this market has become:

A screenshot of Amazon results for gaming chair
A screenshot of Amazon results for gaming chair

Competing with 300 other sellers is difficult, to say the least. So, do you think weird and quirky products such as a work surface that attaches to a steering wheel so you can eat while driving were developed by accident?

With more than two million sellers on Amazon, you need to stand out if you want to achieve any sort of success. 

The only way you can identify the next winning product is by doing meticulous research. And that means researching niches, levels of demand, doing keyword research, and checking out the competition.

While you can do this manually, it will take weeks before developing a successful strategy. 

Thankfully, there’s an easier way of doing that:

You can use Helium 10 niche and keyword tools to find low competition keyword opportunities, check out the competition, analyze product search volume, and much more – all in a couple of clicks. 

That way, you’ll cut down the research from weeks to just a couple of hours.

Launch A Product On Amazon The Right Way Using Helium 10 Keyword Research Tools

Amazon no longer allows incentivized reviews, meaning you need to change your strategy.

You have to get crafty to launch a product and succeed. That is something new sellers usually mess up.

If you don’t know how many products you have to sell, you might not rank that well – or make sales.What’s more, your whole inventory can get cleared out, and you can end up caught with your pants down.

Thankfully, Helium 10 takes away most of the guessing when launching a new product, thanks to Cerbero and Magnet.

These two keyword research tools will help you find out whether your product idea is worthwhile by indicating how many units you must sell in eight days for your listing to show up in the top half of the page.

Screenshot of Helium 10 Cerbero tool that shows sales trends, CPR, and other valuable data for a particular product
Screenshot of Helium 10 Cerbero tool that shows sales trends, CPR, and other valuable data for a particular product

How To Reach Page One On Amazon

SEO is one of the most significant challenges your Amazon business will face when launching a product. It’s not too difficult to get crushed by the more prominent names on the first page.

Remember when we talked about gaming chairs – a product with more than 300 results? That’s nothing compared to other products, such as women’s shoes:

A screenshot of Amazon listing for women's shoes
A screenshot of Amazon listing for women’s shoes

If you want to succeed in launching your product, your SEO strategy must be air-tight. You need your product to be completely SEO optimized, which means finding the right keywords, title, and the correct placement.

Helium 10 SEO tools are beyond perfect for this job. 

They’ll give you instant access to the best keywords related to your product, semantically related to your seed keyword. What’s more, they’ll list thousands of actionable keywords and show you how to write your titles, descriptions, and much more.

There are no other keyword research tools like this in the world. And that alone makes Helium 10 worth every penny of the asking price.

Speaking of the price, let’s take a closer look at Helium 10 plans.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

A screenshot of Helium 10 Chrome Extension Pricing Plans
A screenshot of Helium 10 Chrome Extension Pricing Plans

Helium 10 has six pricing plans, with each having monthly and yearly payment options:

  • Free
  • Starter – $339/yr 
  • Platinum – $99/mo ($999/yr)
  • Diamond – $249/mo ($2499/yr)
  • Enterprise (custom solutions)
  • Elite – $399/mo 

In addition to these plans, there’s also the A La Carte Plan that lets you pick and choose which tools to use.

A screenshot of Helium 10 A La Carte plan
A screenshot of Helium 10 A La Carte plan

Why You Should Try The Starter Plan

Helium 10 starter plan offers some significant advantages when compared to the free option, including:

  • Access to Freedom Ticket Training – You can receive training for selling products on Amazon from veteran experts. We recommend that serious sellers give this training a try.
  • Financial analytics – You get unrestricted access to analytics such as sales, margins, and business trends.
  • Xray Unlimited – Starter plan also includes access to the best chrome extension in the world – Xray.

If you’re even semi-serious about getting into Amazon selling, we recommend you try out one of the more expensive plans, such as Platinum or Diamond. But if you’re on a tight budget, there’s nothing wrong with starting small – and scaling as you go.

Here’s what Helium 10’s plans offer you in a nutshell:

  • Free – This plan is essentially a sampler. It comes with minimal access to the tools. For instance, you only get two uses of Helium 10 Magnet per day, and you can only track up to 20 keywords.
  • Platinum – This plan is perfect for beginner Amazons sellers. You get unlimited access to Helium 10 Magnet, Blackbox, and trendsetter. What’s more, you also get 5000 emails a month and alerts for up to 300 ASINs.
  • Diamond – This plan is for those who are serious about Amazon FBA. It allows for tracking up to 5000 keywords, checking up to 300 indexes, and alerts for up to 600 ASINs. It also provides you with 15000 automated emails each month.

Is There Any Point In Signing Up For Helium 10 Diamond Plan?

The Elite plan is a jacked-up version of the Diamond plan. Not only does it allow tracking of up to 1000 ASINs, but you also get 50,000 automated emails each month.

That’s not where the good stuff ends, either. You also get access to monthly training, in-person workshops, and access to an exclusive Facebook group.

If you’re an Amazon seller who wants to up their game and you have the cash, we recommend going with the Helium 10 Elite Plan.

How To Use Helium 10

Now that you’re familiar with what Helium 10 is and what it offers, it’s time to take a look at how this software suite works.

Helium 10 is an incredibly robust piece of technology. Unfortunately, that also means that it has a somewhat steep learning curve. If you’re new to Amazon FBA, it will take a few days until you feel comfortable using the software.

While we can write a whole book on how to use Helium 10, we’ll stick to the most powerful tools for now – and later cover other tools you have on offer.

In this section, we’ll cover:

  • Cerebro
  • Blackbox
  • Magnet
  • Scribbles
  • Frankenstein

Helium 10 Cerebro – Your FBA Bread And Butter

Cerebro is the one Helium 10 tool you won’t be able to live without – and the first thing you’ll fire up when looking for profitable products.

What Is Helium 10 Cerebro?

With so much talk about Cerebro, it’s time to find out what this tool actually does. It is a reverse ASIN lookup tool that gives you information about how viable a product is on Amazon.

Getting started is simple:

Paste the product ASIN, and the tool will return thousands of keyword suggestions – all ranked by a plethora of criteria.

Helium 10 Cerebro provides information about how your competitors rank and gauge the competition. This tool is so amazing because it takes all the guesswork out of the equation. Instead of merely shooting blind and hoping for the best, you get instant access to all the information you need to successfully sell a product.

Let’s take a product from Amazon and see what Cerebro returns. We’ll use a popular brand of women’s shoes for this experiment.

A screenshot of Amazon product page for Cerebro search terms
A screenshot of Amazon product page for Cerebro search terms

Copy the ASIN from the page URL and paste it into the Cerebro search bar.

An important side note:

It’s essential that you choose a product that has lots of reviews. That’s true even for products that are not on the top of the page. The more reviews the product has, the longer it has been available on Amazon.

Now let’s take a look at what Cerebro returned:

Helium 10 Cerebro Search results
Helium 10 Cerebro Search results

Evaluating Helium 10 Cerebro Search Results

Once you hit the “Get Keywords” button, the search results will assault you with a whole slew of confusing terms such as IQ score and CPR.

A Screenshot of Helium 10 Cerebro Table that provides data based on search criteria
A Screenshot of Helium 10 Cerebro Table that provides data based on search criteria

There’s a lot of information here, so Let’s break down these search results into something you can work with:

Cerebro IQ Score

Cerebro IQ score is a score that the Helium 10 algorithm calculates. This score represents how good of an opportunity a certain product is – meaning the higher the score, the better.

A screenshot of Cerebro IQ Score in a table
A screenshot of Cerebro IQ Score in a table

The IQ score is derived from a ratio of search volume and competing products.

Put plainly, a high IQ score means there’s a high search volume with low competition. A low IQ score means there are fewer searches and a high amount of competition.

Keep in mind that branded terms are of no use for you because you can’t sell Reebok Women’s Shoes. So, you’ll still have to go through the search results manually.

A screenshot of Cerebro results for a search term “ladies sneaker”
A screenshot of Cerebro results for a search term “ladies sneaker”

For instance, the first result in the list (“ladies sneaker”) is a bad product because it has a lower search volume and a large number of competing products.


CPR is one of Helium 10 Cerebro’s best features. This metric tells you exactly how many units you need to move in order for your listing to show up in the top half of the first page of Amazon search results.

Put simply, this metric determines how many products you need to sell at a discount at launch to get to the top of the first page.

You shouldn’t expect any net profit at launch. What’s more important is getting to that first page. The CPR metric tells you exactly how many products you need to move, so you get to the top of the first page. Once there, the product basically sells itself.

In that sense, this metric helps you save money in the long term.

Competing Products

Just because thousands of competitors are selling the same product, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a viable product.

Of course, the fewer competitors, the better.

However, you shouldn’t get discouraged when launching a product. If the IQ score, CPR, and gut feeling are good, you might still get at the top of product listings.

Keep Refining Your Search

It’s imperative that you resist running the first product you find in Cerebro. There’s a chance you might miss a good opportunity.

For instance, if you notice relevant keywords with decent search volumes in a different niche, plug that into Cerebro – and sift through the results. Don’t go for the keyword with the highest search volume, though.

How To Use Cerebro To Expand Your Keyword List

When you conduct keyword research with helium 10, you’ll quickly build a massive keyword list. Seriously, the list will get out of hand pretty fast.

We recommend you use Cerebro to reverse engineer at least three competing product ASINs and create a keyword list based on that.

If you miss any relevant keywords, you might end up losing front page placing to properly SEO optimized product listings.

Let’s take women’s shoes as an example:

A screenshot of all products for seed keyword “women's shoes”
A screenshot of all products for seed keyword “women’s shoes”

There are over 50,000 results there. Let’s add an extra keyword and see what happens.  

Let’s go with “running,” for example:

A screenshot of all products for the search term “women's shoes running”
A screenshot of all products for the search term “women’s shoes running”

There are 3000 results now. That’s still pretty high, but we’ve managed to cut down the search results tenfold with just one additional keyword.

We’re not done yet, though. 

Here’s what happens when we add another relevant keyword:

A screenshot of Amazon search results for search term “womens shoes running aerobics”
A screenshot of Amazon search results for search term “womens shoes running aerobics”

Now there are only 308 results – but we can do even better. 

Let’s add another keyword:

A screenshot of Amazon search results for relevant keywords for “womens' shoes”
A screenshot of Amazon search results for relevant keywords for “womens’ shoes”

Now, there are only 123 product listings. It’ll be so much easier to rank your hypothetical shoes if you include all those essential keywords. 

By adding three more keywords, you’ve eliminated nearly 95% of the competition for this search term.

We recommend using Helium 10 Cerebro to run at least five competing products and build a list of keywords.

You can then sift through them until you get something that fits your listings.

But before you do that, you should get familiar with Helium 10 Magnet.

Helium 10 Magnet – Expanding Your List Of Important Keywords Further

Magnet is Helium 10’s keyword research tool that offers you access to the largest database of actionable Amazon keywords in the world. 

Getting started is straightforward: 

Enter the seed keyword – and Magnet will suggest related terms.

A screenshot of Helium 10 Keyword Tracker Tool
A screenshot of Helium 10 Keyword Tracker Tool

In other words, Helium 10 Magnet will help you find more organic traffic opportunities – most of which are probably unknown to your competitors.

When you plug in the seed keyword into Magnet, it will return:

  • All related keywords
  • High search volume keywords
  • Actionable keywords
  • Competing products
  • Top products
  • Word frequency

The best thing about Helium 10 Magnet is that all this data comes directly from Amazon. In plain English: 

You get more – and better – keywords in just a couple of clicks.

The good stuff doesn’t end there, either. You also have lots of filters at your disposal, so you can leave only the important keywords.

Most Amazon sellers call this a recipe for higher sales and organic reach.

A screenshot of Helium 10 Magnet Keyword Rank Tracker
A screenshot of Helium 10 Magnet Keyword Rank Tracker

Using Magnet In Conjunction With Cerebro

Okay, let’s throw our “women’s shoes” term into this keyword tracker and see what it returns.

Once you’ve typed in all the relevant words into Magnet, click on the Get Keywords button, and wait for this tool to do its thing.

A screenshot of Helium 10 Magnet results for women’s shoes
A screenshot of Helium 10 Magnet results for women’s shoes

Wow, that’s more than 13,000 keyword ideas!

Thirteen thousand keywords is a lot to take in, though – so, let’s do some reviewing, shall we?

A Quick Way To Review Keywords

Most beginner FBA-ers use basic SEO keyword research by highlighting related terms and then relying on their gut feeling from there.

But there’s a better way of doing that:

Helium 10 provides a range of options that make researching specific keywords a breeze.

Here’s what you need to do:

Export Keywords To A Spreadsheet

This is pretty simple; there’s an export button at the top of the page in Magnet.

A screenshot of Helium 10 Magnet keyword tracker export button
A screenshot of Helium 10 Magnet keyword tracker export button

Marking Important Keywords

Once you’ve marked all the relevant KWs, you need to mark all the loosely relevant KWs, too – and you can do that by adding another X, like this:

A product research screenshot of a spreadsheet with loosely relevant KWs
A product research screenshot of a spreadsheet with loosely relevant KWs

The final result should look like:

A screenshot of the final spreadsheet of keywords
A screenshot of the final spreadsheet of keywords

Keep in mind that highly relevant KWs should be in your title, while loosely relevant KWs should be incorporated in the product listing description.

Now that you have this jumble of keywords, it’s time to perform a final “cleanup” with Helium 10 Frankenstein.

Helium 10 Frankenstein – Creating A Profitable List Of Keywords

Helium 10 Frankenstein isn’t much different than the monster itself. It takes a bunch of unrelated keywords and creates something you can work with; the name is more than fitting.

Since Amazon’s search algorithm mostly emphasizes keywords, getting to page 1 is essentially a game of words:

The more relevant the terms you have, the higher the chance your products will be featured on the first page.

Helium 10 Frankenstein makes compiling a list of keywords a breeze. It essentially eliminates all the “filler” from the list – such as modifiers like “for” and “with” – leaving the most relevant KWs.

You can just paste the list of keywords into Frankenstein and let it do its magic.

Here’s what we entered:

A screenshot of Helium 10 Frankenstein keyword inputs
A screenshot of Helium 10 Frankenstein keyword inputs

And here’s what Helium 10 Frankenstein generated:

A screenshot of Helium 10 Frankenstein keyword results
A screenshot of Helium 10 Frankenstein keyword results

As you can see, the tool returned all the keywords we need to include in the product listing to be fully SEO optimized.

Remember that we’ve used the examples above to give you a basic overview and feel of how this software works.

What Else Helium 10 Has To Offer

As we mentioned in the intro, Helium 10 features more than 20 different tools that will help boost your Amazon FBA business and take it to the next level.

Here’s what else it has to offer.

Black Box

One of the biggest assets you could have as an Amazon seller is the right product idea. This idea should offer potential buyers what they’re looking for – and when they’re looking for it.

Black Box is among Helium 10’s most popular tools that grant you access to over 400 million products.

A screenshot of Helium 10 Black Box
A screenshot of Helium 10 Black Box

Even more so, with Black Box, you can discover products based on a specific niche and need. In essence, this tool can deliver all variations of your search criteria and any product related to the set criteria.

Black Box is best at pinning down specific products with profitable opportunities.

Thanks to this tool, you get to make an informed decision regarding which product to launch based on descriptions, estimated earnings, competition, and much more. Instead of spending weeks doing manual research, Black Box will do all that work for you in just a couple of clicks.


When selling products via Amazon, it’s not enough to get your product just right – you also need to make it available at the right time.

Timing your sales right is critical if you want to achieve success. 

That’s where Helium 10 Trendster comes into play: 

It can find all the relevant trends that apply to your products and predict how they will perform during the year.

Once you’ve identified viable products in Black Box, you can check them out in Trendster to see how well they sell over the year.

XRay Chrome Extension And Profitability Calculator

If you’re a professional Amazon seller, you should know that product research extends beyond trends and inventory. Product research helps you understand what you’re getting into here.

With Helium 10, you can do an in-depth analysis of all the relevant details related to the product you’re trying to launch.

And with the Profitability Calculator, you can factor in critical data – such as product dimensions, shipping costs, and a plethora of other fees – to determine whether your product will be profitable or not.

XRay Chrome extension comes with an ASIN grabber that you can use to develop targeted ads for fast-selling products.

To make things even better, Helium 10 also provides you with the data collected from previous buyers and their reviews. With all this data, you can determine if the product has issues selling – and make an informed choice on what product to promote.

Although XRay and Profitability Calculator are listed as separate tools, both work as part of the Helium 10 Chrome extension. 

This Chrome extension gives you access to all the features while you’re browsing Amazon. That will save you a lot of time: 

You won’t have to switch from Amazon to Helium 10’s dashboard whenever you want to check something out.


Everyone misspells search terms from time to time. But thanks to the algorithm’s magic, you get the exact results you were looking for, nonetheless. 

With Helium 10 Misspellinator, you can turn misspellings into an advantage. Misspells have very little competition – but can affect your rankings.

Misspellinator essentially gives you a list of the most common variations of the keyword with the highest search volume. If you tried to do this manually, you’d probably go insane.

A screenshot of Misspellinator results for the word shoes
A screenshot of Misspellinator results for the word shoes

We plugged the word “running shoes” into the Misspellinator, and it returned the most common misspellings. So, now you can take advantage of those words that Amazon doesn’t autocorrect. 


Once you’ve created a perfect product listing and description, you need to make sure you got all the elements just right. And for this task, you can use Scribbles.

This tool will double-check your listing and optimize it to its full potential.

Scribbles will run an analysis of the listing and check if you missed any of the crucial keywords. 

The UI of this tool is pretty intuitive. It features color codes for the keywords. Keywords with the highest search volume will be shown in red, with the colors shifting to green as search volume decreases.

A screenshot of Scribbles UI
A screenshot of Scribbles UI

Scribbles can also import keywords from Frankenstein. Once your keywords are imported, the tool will suggest which ones are already used – and which ones you should include.

Index Checker

Once you’ve created a profitable listing, it wouldn’t hurt to check how it’s performing in terms of optimization. That’s where the Index checker comes into play: 

With this tool, you won’t have to check your listings on Amazon manually. 

You can use Index Checker to cross-check your (or your competition’s) listings. If any keywords are negatively affecting your listings, Index Checker will point them out.


The Profit tool shows how robust the Helium 10 software is. It essentially combines your product listings with your Amazon account analytics to provide relevant metrics.

Profit displays multiple metrics, including:

  • Gross revenue and net profit
  • Sale trends
  • Performance matrix

The performance matrix is most interesting here. It shows you gross reviews and net profile for the past month – along with ROI, profit margins, and many other metrics.

Market Tracker

Helium 10 gives you many ways to see how your competition is doing. It’s ridiculous! Market Tracker gives you a big picture of how the market is performing and how your competitors are fairing.

With this data, you can create a targeted market and get an edge over your competition.

Market Tracker tool will show you what your competitors are doing. Plus, you’ll get access to all insights and analytics you need to plan your future moves.

Keyword Tracker

Keyword Tracker is a recent addition to the Helium 10 toolbox. It lets you monitor how keywords are ranked so that you can further optimize your listings.


Helium 10 doesn’t just help you make the perfect product listing – it can also help you with your marketing endeavors. 

Portal provides you with a straightforward way to market your products. It’ll help you build sales funnels, get customer information, and retarget customers.

The UI is simple and mostly involves dragging and dropping various elements. With this tool, you can create attractive landing pages, email opt-ins, and thank-you pages – all this without touching Amazon.

Instead, you can create a URL with the product listing and drive traffic from marketing channels through it.


With Helium 10, you can also manage paid advertisements.

The ADS tool allows you to optimize your paid ads with keyword searches and metrics such as CPC and CTR. This tool also allows you to automate the settings that you configured previously.

To make things even better, ADS will provide you with visuals that tell you how well your ads perform.

You can also manage PPC campaigns by adding new keywords, adjusting bids – and more.

Refund Genie

If you have any experience as an Amazon seller, you know how difficult processing refunds can be. No one likes doing it – because it’s a cumbersome task.

If the product was damaged in the Amazon warehouse, they wouldn’t notify you regarding a refund request. It’s up to you to make the request. 

Thankfully, Refund Genie can do the hard work for you.

This tool works directly with your Amazon account and will help you identify damaged products and request refunds.

The tool will look for five different reasons for an FBA reimbursement and generate a report you can send to Amazon for processing.

Alerts Hijacker And Product Monitoring

No matter how secure Amazon is, it’s not impervious to cyber attacks. 

Hackers usually target Amazon by hijacking brand identities or selling duplicates of products – and both of these attacks could undermine your profits.

Thankfully, Helium 10 has you covered with Alerts tools that monitor all your product listings and notify you if someone tries to sell a counterfeit.

Inventory Protector

Promotional campaigns are one of the best ways to boost your sales and ranking on Amazon – but you have to be careful about how many units you’ll sell at a discount.

Inventory Protector will keep track of your product inventory and set limits on how much you can sell. That way, you’ll prevent buyers from buying large quantities of your products while they are on promotion.

Follow Up

Being an Amazon FBAer is much more than just making sales. You also have the responsibility of providing a superb customer experience. 

A positive customer experience will ensure you get great reviews – and have good future sales.

With the Helium 10 Follow-Up tool, you can automate your emails so that you can easily stay in contact with your customers. You can also use this tool to get valuable feedback from customers after they’ve made a purchase – or send automated responses when they send a question about your products.

Seller Assistant

Customer reviews can pretty much make or break a product. But unfortunately, not every customer is eager to leave one after purchasing something from you.

With Seller Assistant, you can send requests to buyers, asking them to leave a review on your product – automatically.

You can set up Seller Assistant to ask customers for a review for one (or all) orders they placed in the past 30 days. 

Conclusion: Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 offers a broad range of features and tools. It’s fascinating how much they’ve grown in just a couple of years! 

Today, Helium 10 is the leading Amazon FBA tool. That’s not a big surprise, though: 

There aren’t any other tools that are as feature-rich as Helium 10.

With that said, there’s always room for improvement. Some tools could be merged into one, and some UI elements could be a bit more simple to use, for beginners.

But all in all, Helium 10 has the potential to completely revolutionize your Amazon sales!

Seller ToolKitAmazon Seller SoftwareWeb AppSeller ToolKit is an effective application for Amazon Sellers. It’s not the cheapest tool, which does mean alternatives become the better option.3218£44GBP
Seller Tool Kit Logo

Seller Toolkit is a good tool which performs well and offers everything that you need. However, it’s not perfect, and for upwards of £40 per month it probably should be. We’ve compared this with SellerBoard, but can’t see past SellerBoard as the best option for Amazon sellers.

  • All the data you need
  • Easy to View Reports
  • Additional Repricer available
  • Quite Expensive
  • Aged Interface
  • Lack of Support

Price: From £13 per month

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