What is Amazon Small And Light Programme? (Save on Seller Fees!)

FBA Small and Light is a programme that Amazon designed specifically for smaller, cheaper items. This will help sellers to save from the standard FBA fees.

These reduced fees are available for eligible ASINs, with the following eligibility requirements:

  • The item must be under £9
  • It would need to fit in a Large Envelope Weighing 225g or less.
  • You need to Opt the ASIN into the programme.

Am I eligible for Amazon Small and Light?

Enrolling into the Amazon Small and Light Programme is really easy and you can do this here. All you have to do, is copy and paste the SKU’s into the Box, like below. Once entered, you can check the eligiblity for the Small and Light. Note, if you use the ASIN like below, it will come back Not found.

Check Eligibility

You need to ensure that the SKU is taken from the specific item inventory, as this is how it calculates enrollment.

SKU Eligible for Small and Light FBA
Once you have added the correct SKU, you will see that the Status changes to Eligible. It won’t always say eligible, if the item doesn’t fuflil the eligibility requirements.

You must select the Enrol Selected Products button, which will then allow for this item to be sold inside the Small and Light Programme.

There are many benefits to this programme, which will definitely help you to make more profits overall. I’m going to quickly head over to SellerAMP to show you exactly how much money you’ll save from this programme.

How to Check for Small and Light Eligibility Within Selleramp

Selleramp automatically populates the size and prices of the items you’re looking at, so it doesn’t show you the Small and Light filter if it’s not eligible. This will help you save lots of time. Now let me show you how it can also save you lots of money.

For this example, I’ll be using some lipstick.

Checking Small and Light Eligibility within Selleramp
As you can see above, it’s showing that we can purchase this for a Maximum of £4.47, making just over 21% profit once it has been sent in and sold. However, SellerAMP Small and Light settings have not yet been enabled. They don’t automatically calculate for this, because you have to enrol the SKU into this programme. If you check the dimensions and price and can confirm it’s eligible, you can scroll the selleramp screen down to the Profit Calculator Area.
Fees before Small and Light FBA UK
Amazon FBA Fees before Small and Light

The fees attack quite a lot of the margin that we would be making on this item, but this is the cost of selling on the largest marketplace in the world. The impact that the Amazon Buy Box has is something which is worth these fees. In the above image, we are still getting 21% ROI, but missing out on vital savings that we can get for free.

Now let’s take a look at the Amazon fees for an item that IS eligible for Amazon Small and Light.

Amazon Fees for Small and Light UK
Amazon Fees for Products included in Small and Light Programme

Now I have switched the Small and Light toggle to Yes. This has changed things quite dramatically. It’s doubled the return on investment from 21% to 42%. The fees that we have saved will enter our back pockets, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

At this point, you should see the importance of enrolling these products into the programme. I will admit though, it’s a shame that they aren’t automatically enrolled and I do wonder how much this has cost me over the years.

Benefits of the Small And Light Programme

  • This is completely free to enrol your SKU’s
  • You will see the direct savings made from fees and it will enable you to purchase extra inventory, as the ROI increases
  • There is no Minimum Purchase within Amazon for S&L items, meaning more chance of sales as Free Delivery is persuasive.

Remember, not every single item will be eligible for this programme.

Products Ineligible for the Small and Light Programme

Amazon Small and Light Program Fees

Envelope SizeFee (£)
Small envelope <80 g
Max Size: 20 X 15 X 1 cm
Standard envelope <60 g
Max Size: 33 X 23 X 2.5 cm
Standard envelope 210 g
Max Size: 33 X 23 X 2.5 cm
Large envelope 225 g
Max Size: 33 X 23 X 5 cm
These are the fees applicable to the Small and Light Programme by Amazon (UK)
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