Profit Protector Pro Review: Amazon Repricer Tool

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Profit Protector Pro is the Ultimate Repricing Tool. It uses AI to reprice your listings, ensuring you win & keep the buy box.

When you first start out using Amazon, you won’t have a lot of inventory and you’ll be able to survive without a Repricing Tool.

However, quite simply, as you scale you need to consider a premium repricing tool which adopts various algorithmic repricing strategies that produces more sales.

You won’t have time to do this yourself, or you’ll find that you have more important tasks to complete. In the Amazon Selling Business, if you can automate it… Automate it. Whether you’re saving time to complete other tasks, or saving time that you can spend with your family. It all counts.

Profit Protector. That sounds like something every Amazon seller needs. But does it work?

In this review, I’ll be completing a full breakdown of ProfitProtectorPro, showing a full tutorial of how to use the repricer and how it works. Welcome to this Profit Protector Pro Review.

What is Profit Protector Pro?

Profit Protector Pro is a repricing tool which has been made specifically for Amazon Sellers. It’s provides support for every single marketplaces included in the Amazon FBA programme.

It aims to initially Win the Buy Box price, and then slowly raise prices to increase your profits. There are 23 different repricing strategies at present, with more being added regularly.

Included with the software is repricing analysis, alongside sales analysis charts. 

Profit Protector Pro

What does a Repricer do?

There are different types of repricers on the market. Some of these are very basic and are deployed to attack the buy box at any cost.

You might have been in this scenario before, where no matter what you change the price to, somebody else pops up a penny cheaper. 

This brings a challenge, which ends up being a ‘race to the bottom’ as sellers undercut eachother.

Profit Protector Pro uses different strategies to help you make more money, instead of guaranteeing a sale at any cost. 

How does Profit Protector Pro work?

Profit Protector Pro uses algorithmic strategies to aggressively pursue the buy box. Once the Buy Box has been achieved, the AI is then programmed to increase the price of the listing, keeping you on the buy box. 

This will increase your profit margins and increase your sales, which is exactly what Amazon Seller needs.

There are a wide range of strategies available to adopt, which we are going to discuss a little later. Let’s get started with the tutorial, to show you how to set Profit Protector Pro up.

Although some repricing tools can be difficult to navigate and set up, Profit Protector Pro is great. It looks 

Profit Protector Pro Tutorial

In order to follow this tutorial, it’s advised that you have Imported your Inventory into PPP. If you haven’t done this yet, I’d take time now to complete this. You can read how to do this here. 

After you have done this, it’s time to set the basics of the account up, starting with your Min and Max price.

How to Work Out Break Even on Profit Protector Pro

Once your inventory has loaded up, you’ll notice that the Min and Max prices have been left empty. You need to do a little bit of admin to set this up, but it won’t take long.

Importing Prices for Break Even Analysis

You need to download your Inventory List in order to add the item costs. Navigate to Bulk Inventory and select to download your Full Inventory.

Once you’ve downloaded this, simply fill in the Buy Price which is column E.

Buy Price to Enter on PPP

Once completed, you can save this and upload it to Profit Protector via their website. The upload button is on the same page as the one where you downloaded this tool.

You will need to wait for a few minutes for this to process, but whilst waiting you can set up your Pricing structure.

How to Set Your Minimum and Maximum Price on Profit Protector Pro

The next stage is to enter the Minimum and Maximum prices for each item. You can do this manually for each item, but it will likely take a while.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to tackle all of your ASINs with one quick hit, setting a single pricing rule for all of your items.

The advice that PPP provide is to take your break even price, then add a ROI that you’re happy with for your minimum price. The Max Price can be configured to the highest price that the ASIN in question has ever sold for.

Once you’ve found your sweet spot, you can save the changes and get that applied to your inventory. Note, It may take up to 30 minutes for Amazon to process any changes here.

Once the changes have been applied, you will see the Break Even, Min and Max Prices filled in on the inventory screen.

As you can see, my example above is already switched on as Aggressive Sales Generator. Yours won’t be set to this, and will be switched off and set to default.

You will need to pick a strategy to use. Note, you can scroll down to the bottom to understand each strategy in more detail.

After choosing a strategy, you simply flick the toggle to ON and then wait for the repricer to sync with the Amazon servers.

That’s as easy as it is, to get started!

Setting Up Multiple Amazon Countries Marketplaces

Most sellers only use a single marketplace. However, Profit Protector Pro can help you with operating in multiple markets and it’s really easy to set this up.

Simply navigate to your settings and choose the marketplaces where you want to sell in.

I’ve added the below images showing the area where this is, but note, it’s only a few of the available marketplaces as I ran out of screen!

Selecting Marketplaces to Sell on

Training Videos & Documentation

The training guides available on Profit Protector Pro are really useful. They are video guides, which take the time to show you around all of the website. 

They explain in detail about each strategy, how you can set your account up and some advanced tricks for their paying members.

Their Customer Services team are also great, replied to me via email very quickly when I queried something about my account. I’ve only had to speak with CS on that one occassion, but it was a pleasant experience overall.

How much does Profit Protector Pro Cost?

Profit Protector has 3 subscription levels, depending on the amount of listings you have.

If you have 1,000 listings or less, it will cost you £34.95 per month. This is the best plan for beginners that have just started Amazon FBA, as it’s highly likely that you’ll have less than this amount.

For 5,000 listings or less, it’s £5 more expensive at £39.95 per month. I think that’s very acceptable though, as you would be using additional data resources. This package is for those that are starting to scale up to an intermediate level.

The highest level costs £44.95 and is aimed for professional sellers, giving you access to 10,000 listings.

There are no setup fees to pay and there’s no contract. The price that you pay will also be locked in, no cheeky updates during your time as a member.

Profit Protector Pro Features Outline

  • All marketplaces included. US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, NL, SE, PL no extra charge
  • Instant repricing. As fast as Amazon allows
  • Algorithmic AI & Rules Based repricing. 12 smart AI strategies + 11 rules based strategies
  • Unlimited custom strategies. Build your own algorithm
  • Up & down repricing
    Most repricers say they reprice upwards, PPP actually does
  • Night repricing mode. To push prices upwards when people are asleep
  • Buy Box Learning Technology. Our strategies get smarter over time with better results
  • Auto min & max. Calculated from your breakeven
  • Automations, If this happens, do this, then that
  • Dedicated Android & Apple iOS mobile app. The World’s 1st dedicated repricing app
  • On-page repricing chrome extension. For instant in stock repricing setup
  • One click repricing history. Get 30 days history of PPP actions on every ASIN
  • BuyBotPro integration. It needs no introduction!

Is this better than Amazon’s Free Repricer?

Although I sell on Amazon, I don’t fully trust that they aren’t tweaking the algorithm to offer the best experience for customers. In this instance, this would be a cheaper price for them, at our expense. 

I do not use Amazon’s free repricer for this reason.

Profit Protector Pro Chrome Extension

You can get the Chrome Extension here

This is probably one of the faster ways to add products to your inventory, so I’d definitely advise you to use this.

When you add a product using Amazon Seller Central, Amazon takes a while to sync the product with the servers. 

If you list via the Chrome Extension, the repricer will start to work immediately, bypassing the delays that Amazon bring.

Does Profit Protector Pro Work?

It works fantastically. For quite a while I was against repricers, thinking that they would never out-perform human interaction. 

However, there are many benefits with using a repricer, especially an algorithmic one that Profit Protector deploys for you.

I can think of many times where I have let emotions get the better of me when repricing an item, as I was properly involved in a battle on a specific listing. This can actually lead to you getting quite annoyed, alongside smashing your profits into losses as you keep dropping the prices.

Now, I leave my Repricer to work, which means I leave my emotions at the door. There’s just no point getting annoyed at other Amazon Sellers strategies.

What’s even better about the Algorithmic strategy, is that over time it works for you to get a profit. It’s a strategy that adapts which will only lead to better return on investment.

If you have lots of SKUs to monitor, I wouldn’t make the mistake I did and continue to monitor them manually. Leave it to a tool and keep your time for sourcing items.

It’s not just time that you’ll save with a repricer. Below, was completed without a repricer.

Monthy Profit Low Sales

After I deployed a Repricer with a Profit Harvesting strategy, I got the below results. Note; these weren’t instant. It seemed that the Algorithm needed time to ‘settle’ so I would expect a period of no sales before the boom, which can be seen below. (note; this is only 8 days of Repricing, compared to 27 days above). Not only am I more profitable per unit, I’m selling out frequently!

Monthly Profit High sales

Intelligent Algorithmic Pricing Strategies

Profit Protector Pro Strategies

With Profit Protector Pro, you get access to a varying number of strategies. With this, you can deploy whichever one suits your specific strategy and let the tool do it’s thing.

Each Strategy comes with it’s own focus. It’s important that you understand these before you set it up, so you can be sure you get the desired output.

The Strategies available are:

Default Strategy

This one isn’t actually a strategy, but it’s the one that you can alter to set as your favourite. For example, if you set Strategy 6 as your default, when Default is set it adopts Strategy 6.

Super Aggressive Dominator

This is the most aggressive option available on ProfitProtectorPro. The objective of this one is pretty simple, it fights for the Amazon Buy Box at maximum aggression.

However, unlike other repricing tools which just consistently drop the prices to try and keep the buy box, it will attempt to increase the price of the buy box to find the perfect crossover between price and domination of the box. When the buy box is lost on this strategy, it works by dropping the price more frequently, in order to retrieve the Buy Box before pushing the price up again.

In the event where you would be competing against Amazon on a listing and they were dominating the Buy Box, it’s recommended for you to set your prices a little lower than the Amazon listing to give the algorithm more potential to steal the Buy Box back.

You would be right in thinking that this strategy does sacrifice some profits in exchange for maximising sales output. I probably wouldn’t advise this strategy if you were one of a few sellers on an item, but it would be ideal to operate with this if you’re selling something seasonal or if Amazon jump on your listing.

Aggressive Sales Generator

The Aggressive Sales Generator is another extremely vigilant strategy, which looks to drop the price of the item in pursuit of the Buy Box. It’s worth triple-checking that the ‘minimum’ that you have set is a comfortable price for you to sell at, as there’s a chance that this will sell at this price.

Going forward, it does aim to increase the price but it’s main aim is to dominate and maintain control of the buy box.

You have to understand with this one that it’s extremely aggressive and it will undercut other sellers that attempt to compete with you. This will be fighting with FBA and FBM sellers to ensure that you are in pole position for the next sale.

It’s not completely reckless though, it works within the minimum and maximums that you set.

This is another strategy that is best deployed if you need to get rid of stock. For example, I’ve used this in the 2nd week of December to get rid of my Christmas Puzzles.

It does give up extra profit in return for fast and easy sales, but this is something that we have to deploy with seasonal goods, especially if we don’t want to hold them for another 10 months.

Balanced Sales Accumulator

Don’t be fooled by the title of this one, it’s still not going to ‘yield’ to other sellers that are pressuring it. It’s quite aggressive in itself.

However, instead of an ‘all or nothing’ where it gets the buy box at any cost, it attempts to increase your profits by matching the buy box. 

This strategy is really clever, and automatically adjusts to undercut any competitors if it notices that you aren’t getting sales with your share of the Amazon buy box. Once you’ve won the buy box, it slowly increases the price, which increases your return on investment.

It’s important when using this strategy that your Minimum and Maximum Prices are within your tolerance, as some sales will go through as the algorithm adjusts to win the buy box.

It’s very useful for fast sales, but where you can afford to be a little more patient for a higher ROI. This is also an algorithmic strategy.

Cautious Sales Enhancer

A little lower on the aggression next, we have the Cautious Sales Enhancer. 

This is focused on sales, and if I were playing poker I’d class this as tight-aggressive. The algorithm on this one is set to increase your profits.

What I like about this strategy is that it ignored FBM (Merchant Fulfilled) listings, which is ideal for FBA sellers.

The core objective of this one is to Match the Buy Box, if this is held by an FBA seller. It does have an aggressive stance where it can undercut other sellers, but it’s typically going to be matching any other sellers on the box.

This is ideal for items that typically sell well, where you can afford to be a little more patient, but have the edge over the buy box. I think it’s one of the best blends between profit and sales.

Dynamic Profit Builder

This is a Profit Building strategy, which is more passive than any other strategy I’ve explained so far. This works by matching the buy box, but increasing the price of your item whilst maintaining domination over it.

You will not undercut other sellers here and you will end up with sales that are above the initial buy box price.

This doesn’t compete with FBM Sellers if you are selling via FBA. It’s another great balance between sales and profit.

Hybrid Profit Harvester

Moving completely away from aggression with this one, we have a profit focused strategy. This is probably an ideal strategy to use for your first time with the Profit Protector Pro repricer, as it allows for a cautious start instead of going straight for the throat of other listings.

This strategy is aimed towards sellers who are more cautious, looking to extract higher profits at the cost of less sales per day.

It’s called Harvester because it’s focused on harvesting profit, and it doesn’t go lower than any other sellers prices using the same fulfilment method as yourself.

FBA sellers that use this will not be FBM sellers.

It matches the Buy Box, and then starts the uphill climb on the price to maximise your profits. If you’re looking for maximum profits, this one may suit you perfectly.

Passive Profit Maximizer

Profit, Profit, Profit. Making a Profit, Increasing Profit and maximising profit is the focus of this strategy.

The first thing I must warn you with this strategy, is that this is a slower strategy, so expect a trickle of sales in comparison to an aggressive setup. If you’re expecting to buy and sell within a few days, I’d suggest looking for a different strategy.

However, if you are here for maximum profit, you’re in exactly the right place.

This one works by sitting above the buy box. This means that you are avoiding the scraps that smaller sellers are fighting over. They might only have 1-2 items in stock.

As soon as they sell out, you will dominate the buy box. It’s a sure fire way to maximize your profits.

Match Buy Box

This strategy does exactly what it says on the tin. 

Regardless of FBA or FBM sellers, this will Match the Buy Box. This is NOT an algorithmic strategy.

I wouldn’t advise deploying this on ASINs where Amazon have presence on the Buy Box. This could adjust to set your pricing to the same as Amazon’s, which is typically quite low.

Penny Under Buy Box

I am not a fan of this strategy, but I understand why it exists.

Most other repricers use this as the only available strategy, which is one of the reasons that I recommend Profit Protector Pro.

This strategy will drive down the price of a product, as it aims to be the best priced listing on the market. It’s often used for dumping stock fast, but it will also dump your profits.

Penny Over Buy Box

In the attempt to avoid any wars with other Amazon Sellers, this strategy was crafted.

This will aim to stay above the Buy box. The downside of avoiding pricing wars, is that you’ll be given less of the Amazon Buy Box. This is still a good strategy though and can be used if you know that other sellers are using a repricer.

If you don’t want to trigger their repricer, you can deploy a strategy like this which essentially waits in the bushes, or goes to the Winchester and wait for all of this to blow over…

It’s very effective if you know other sellers on the listing are using repricing tools, but it’s not going to generate you a huge profit as you’ll be selling out as soon as the next lowest sellers have.

Match Low Price

I’ve used this one in testing and made a huge mistake as Amazon came on the listing, so goodbye profits! Although it was a mistake to do this on my behalf, this is the exact reason why you may be using this strategy… to get out of a position with speed.

Extra Profits are sacrificed, but your ‘stake’ is carried forward alongside a smaller Return on Investment. I suppose it beats making a loss!

Penny Under Low Price

These are one of the legacy strategies on Profit Protector Pro, which have been phased out with releases of their algorithmic repricers.

Instead of using this Penny Under Low Price, you’d probably be better off using a Profit Harvester.

Just in case you want to know exactly what this is though; I’ll continue.

Your repricer will work to ensure your price is the lowest on the listing, by £0.01, regardless of the fulfilment method.

Penny Under Low FBA Price

This works in an identical way, except it targets othe FBA Amazon Sellers.

This is not an algorithmic strategy and ProfitProtector advise to use another strategy for achieving this with higher sales.

Penny Over Low Price

This is a decent strategy, but the algorithmic ones are much better if you want to balance sales with profit.

This strategy will prevent any battles with other sellers, by staying a penny over the lowest price.

Penny Over Low FBA Price

This is the same as above, but another one targeting FBA Sellers.

Match Low FBA Price

This strategy will match the lowest FBA Price on a specific listing. This is a good way to get access to the buy button, without causing an all out price war with another seller by undercutting.

If you want control of the buy box without maximising your total profit, this is a good option.

Match Low MF Price

This strategy works purely for FBM, Fulfilled by Merchant orders.

It works in the same way as the above one, where a bit of profit is sacrificed in order to win the buy box.

Used Goods or Books Strategy

If you’re in the specialist niche of Used Good or Books, PPP have created an excellent algorithmic strategy. Note; I don’t deal with books but I can see exactly how this works.

This algorithm compares the list of other prices of items with the same sub-condition before working out a competitive price for yours. 

If there is no other competing item, it looks at the prices of better and worse condition items to work out the ideal price that you should be selling at.

This is a great repricing strategy, and although it won’t suit everyone due to the niche, it will definitely help someone who does tis with manual repricing.

FBM Repricing Strategies

In Addition to the above strategies; Profit Protector Pro also comes with MF (Fulfilled by Merchant) Strategies. These are:

  • MF Aggressive Sales Generator
  • MF Balanced Sales Generator
  • MF Cautious Sales Enhancer
  • MF Dynamic Profit Builder

These work in a very similar way to the FBA ones that I’ve explained, so I won’t repeat myself and lose your interest!

Creating A Custom Repricing Strategy

There’s a huge variety of Repricing Strategies available straight out of the box. However, you might want to fine tune something for an elite edge, and ProfitProtectorPro gives you the chance to do that.

You can adopt a Custom Strategy using their wizard, which makes you answer a questionnaire to find out what sort of items you’re selling.

Custom Repricing Strategy for Amazon Sellers

After answering some questions like the above one, you will be able to name your strategy.

You will then be able to save this and you can find it in the list, ready to adopt for future use.

What’s the Difference between Algorithmic Strategies and Regular Strategies?

A Regular strategy will just offer the core features. For example, a Match the Buy Box will simply match the buy box. 

The Algorithmic Strategy changes things by winning the buy box, and then attempting to increase the price of the Amazon Buy Box to make you more profit.

You can choose between varying aggression levels, to fit your selling style.

Benefits of Using Profit Protector Pro

  • Profit Protector Pro has one of the best user interfaces that we’ve seen, when it comes to repricing tools. It’s easy to use and you see all of the figures that you need, without any confusing graphs or tables.
  • You will save so much time, as there’s no requirement to manually check the price of every item in your inventory.
  • You’ll feel a lot better. Sometimes, we see sellers that ‘tank’ listings looking for a quick sale. Without looking at prices all day and adjusting, you’ll have this stress taken off your shoulders. You can use this time to source more items!
  • This is one of the few repricers that works truly for you. Most other repricers are causing more harm than good with a ‘race to the bottom’, whereas the Algorithm at play here looks to increase the Prices wherever possible.

Is there a Profit Protector Pro Free Trial?

At this time, there is no Free Trial. However, you can take comfort in the 30 day money back guarantee, which works in a very similar way to a Free Trial Period.

Profit Protector Pro Discount Codes

We are working hard with Profit Protector to include a discount code, for our loyal members. Stay tuned for more!

Profit Protector Pro Conclusion

When I started looking at repricers, I was looking at cheaper tools with less features. They were basic rules such as ‘ensure best price’ which ultimately ended up with a reduction of profits. Multiple sellers adopted Repricers and it caused an all-out war.

Profit Protector Pro goes above and beyond in terms of features. Their algorithmic strategies are un-matched. They have restored my faith in repricing tools. Instead of a battle to the bottom, Profit Protector Pro will win the battle and start to push your prices up, recovering and capturing higher profits.

You won’t go wrong with this tool. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced level sellers. 

However, if you have less than 10-15 listings, you probably aren’t ready for a repricer just yet. At least you’re looking in the right place!

Consider Clicking here to Register for Profit Protector Pro, which will support our website and allow us to continue producing free resources.

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