How to Import Inventory into Profit Protector Pro

Import Inventory Profit Protector Pro

By now, you should’ve read my Profit Protector Pro review and understand exactly how it works.

There’s a small configuration that you need to make when using it, and that’s to configure your Amazon token so that your Inventory automatically imports.

Thankfully, it’s not too bad and it can be completed in a few minutes. I’ve created a guide below for you to get started.

Have you read the ProfitProtectorPro Review?

I’ve completed an In-depth review of PPP, detailing how it works and why you should be using it. Take a look at it below.

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My account

Profit Protector Pro Secret Key

The first thing you need to do here, is Navigate to My Account.

From here, you will see your PPP Secret Key. You will also be able to select which marketplaces you want to focus inside.

If you’re UK only like myself, you should only enable UK.

Scroll down and hit save.

PPP Secret Key

Configuring Your Amazon Account Settings

The next stage is to configure the Amazon settings, via the PPP Dashboard. 

This time, select Account and choose Amazon Settings.

Amazon Token Configuration

It’s important here to ensure that your settings match the market that you’re working in.

I’m focusing on UK/EU as I’m only selling in the UK for the time being. As you can see above, the Merchant ID and MWS Tokens are blank.

PPP have added some quick links just underneath the icons of the country flags, to help you get this set up. 

If you follow these links, they will provide you with your Merchant ID and MWS Token. Note, this will take you back to your Amazon Seller Central Account. 

Once completed, you’ll see the below screen.

You need to copy the Marketplace ID and MWS Authorisation Token above and paste this into your Amazon Account settings (the area that was blank previously).

Now you should scroll down and select save changes.

Amazon Inventory Sync on Profit Protector Pro

Your configuration work is complete. All we have to do now, is wait for Amazon to sync the information with their Servers so Profit Protector can pull this information into their dashboard. 

I had to wait 35 minutes for 95 ASINs to import, and Profit Protector do advise that it can take 24 hours for a full import to complete.

Once this has Synced, you’ll find that your inventory has populated when you select your inventory screen. Whilst waiting for this to sync, it might be worth taking your time to view their training videos, which are extremely helpful!

PPP Inventory

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