Solving Customer Complaints on Amazon

Providing high quality customer service throughout the fulfilment process will ensure that customer satisfaction remains at a high level. This will lead to a positive seller feedback rating, which is often the deciding factor for whether a customer should choose you, or one of your competitors to fulfil a product.

Solving Customer Complaints on Amazon & removing feedback takes no time, and makes a huge difference.

Tom P

Think of this; you are in the market for a new flask. You see one for sale and you see two sellers offering this at the same price. Seller A has 4 Star Feedback, but Seller B has the full 5 Stars. You’re immediately drawn towards the ‘better seller feedback’.

What buyers don’t realise, it that both of these sellers are using Amazon FBA, so neither of the feedback ratings actually mean much. But I’m not writing this article today to inform buyers, it’s to inform sellers. Most of us are Retail Arbitrage sellers, and it applies to all.

The below feedback is 2/5 (40%) and it’s completely undeserved to have this as a seller rating, as Amazon provided the delivery method.

If you’re Seller A, why should you be scarred with a 80% rating (4 out of 5) for a service that you haven’t provided? The whole art of Amazon FBA, is that the customer service representative is Amazon.

And there’s a neat little trick you can do, to get your 4 star rating back to the full 5 star it deserves.

Dealing with Negative Feedback on Amazon

Just like the example above, you will often receive feedback about late delivery times, items delivered damage and items completely lost in shipping.

You aren’t the individual that is liable for this, so your business should not be tarnished by a customer complaint.

If you log into your Amazon account, you will be able to contest consumer complaints, by simply contacting an Amazon customer service representative. It’s a pretty quick process, as Amazon employees a whole department just for FBA relating concerns.

You will receive a response saying that the public feedback will be removed, an automated by sincere apology and the negative feedback is struck off.

On your seller account feedback section, it will look like this:

So buyers can still physically see the negative feeback, as it’s pretty easy to read in-between the single line. However, the main thing is that the feedback rating is removed. This is the main concern, as buyers use Amazon for a fast experience, they don’t often read FBA fulfilment reviews. (A quick eye test showing you to have 5 star feedback, is more than sufficient).

I have received my fair share of negative feedback, for a range of issues such as:

  • Purchase Price
  • Customer satisfaction with item
  • Replacement item requests & warranty queries
  • Prime Membership charges (weirdly!)
  • Wrong Item sent or received
  • Damaged upon arrival
  • Returned Item due to defect

As a seller, Amazon customer service is extremely good, and you can exploit the removal of feedback for more or less any issues. I have had customers complain that the price is over-inflated on multiple occasions, but Amazon will still remove customer complaints. I’m almost certain this is an automated process, and Amazon see any FBA related feedback requests as auto-approvals.

I understand genuine customer complaints for satisfaction with the item, but ultimately, I am not the manufacturer of the item so they cannot rate me for that.

Personally, I don’t think an Amazon FBA customer complaint should be possible. They should not be allowed to leave feedback, as they have had no personal interactions with my company. It makes it a grey area for customer complaints and I think this is why Amazon customer service representatives quickly delete negative feedback.

How to Delete Negative Feedback on Amazon

On your account, you will see your storefront rating. From here, you will be able to drill-down into your orders and filter for the lowest feedback rating.

Once you have the order number, you can contact Amazon customer service via your seller portal. Quote the order number & state that this is an FBA Fulfilment related review, and that you have no control over the reasons for negative feedback that has been received.

This will then be over-turned. Just like the second picture above, your negative feedback will be removed and your seller feedback will return to it’s higher average… most likely 5 stars.

Conclusion: Customer Complaints & Negative Feedback

It’s just a short post today, but it’s an effective one. Removing customer complaints will help your business in the long term. Customers won’t search in-depth for your brand feedback, they just want fast shipping and a sufficient item.

However, they will be able to see your average rating before they click add to basket. If they see a low star rating, they could easily take their money elsewhere. We are just FBA sellers and they don’t have any loyalty to our companies.

The point is; Amazon takes responsibility for this feedback, and contacting amazon will make your feedback look better.

Tom P
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