The Top Sellers of 2022: A Look Back at the Year’s Most Popular Items

It’s that time of year again – time to reflect on the past year and all of the amazing products we’ve had the pleasure of selling. As we look back on 2022, there are a few items that truly stand out as the best-sellers of the year.

From innovative tech gadgets to must-have home essentials, these are the items that our customers simply couldn’t get enough of. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top contenders for the title of “best item sold in 2022.”

1 – Queen Elizabeth Barbie Doll – £300 Profit

The Barbie Signature Elizabeth Doll is a collector’s item released by Mattel in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s 95th birthday. The doll is dressed in a replica of the queen’s coronation gown and is made of platinum silicone for a more lifelike feel.

The doll also comes with a miniature replica of the queen’s coronation crown and a certificate of authenticity. This Barbie doll is a limited edition with only 1,954 units available worldwide, which is a nod to the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. It is a highly sought-after item by collectors and fans of the queen and Barbie dolls.

The Most Popular & Profitable Item in 2022.

It never did actually sit in stock, as collectors looked to purchase this as soon as possible. It retailed at £65. However, as soon as it released, sellers were selling this for over £200.

Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth II died on 8th September 2022. On the very same evening, these dolls were being sold on eBay for over £500. It’s a bit of a weird one, and it’s borderline unethical making money from such events. However, I never sold any, just reporting on this one.

They have recently dropped in price, due to Chinese Replicas hitting the market. An official one will set you back £200-£250 still, but the authenticity of these will now be in question.

2 – Air Fryers – £200 Profit

This one is another borderline unethical flip. Due to the cost of living crisis, the entire world were overcome with the need to purchase Air Fryers. I’ll be honest, I was buying these.

I was dealing with Ninja AF300, AF400 and AF451 Air Fryers. You could get these in and out within hours, selling for £100 profit per item. There was also many other brands such as the Tower Air Fryer which was selling well.

Cooking Up Profit with the Ninja Air Fryer

I’m not entirely sure they are more economical for the country, although I have one myself and I can admit they cook food great. I eventually got banned from Ninja, I guess they started to wonder why I’d need 20+ air fryers.

3 – Helium Crypto Miners – £180 Profit

Crypto farming was also a huge money maker, and you needed a device known as a Helium Miner to farm this. Helium was the currency that was earnt, and all you had to do was plug a miner into the wall socket. It used electricity, but used to yield solid results. I never did get involved in the farming of these, but I did sell plenty of Miners, costing £200 and selling for a peak of £650.

Example of Helium Miners which we Re-sold in 2022

Bobcat and Nebra were the two I re-sold. Fast forward to mid-2023, it’s not utilised as much due to the yield being reduced, but that’s not a problem if you’re only reselling the units.

4 – Dyson AirWrap – £140 profit

This one is actually a seasonal flip. I find these sell exceptionally well during Christmas holidays, or close to Valentines Day. That’s right, it’s a great present for the ladies!

The Dyson Airwrap, a seasonal favourite

We made some good money from this one, and the box it arrives in is fairly small, so postage costs are nice and cheap. It’s one to sell on eBay though, not Amazon!

5 – PS5 Consoles – £100 Profit

Playstation consoles have been flipping since 2021. However, they are now available freely in 2023, so nobody is selling them for profit anymore.

Reselling Playstation 5 in 2022

You could get up to £200 profit per unit at the start, selling these on eBay or locally. However, supply has now exceeded demand and there’s no profit anymore. I have set the title as £100 profit as that was the average profit over a long term period.

What do you think is going to sell for a profit in 2023? Spotting trends is a great way to make money & it pays to do some research. We’ve singled out Disney Lorcana TCG and Disney 100 Kakawow Booster Boxes for now. I think these have massive upside due to the collectible nature. That, and that it’s Disney 100 year anniversary!

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