Profitl Review: Find Deals with FBA Deal Sheet Software

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Selling items on Amazon is pretty exciting. I’ve been reselling for a while, flipping things on eBay, but there’s nothing quite like seeing your sales bars increasing on your Amazon dashboard. It’s not all rosey though, it can be quite difficult to source products for online arbitrage.

This is exactly why I’ve decided to show you Profitl in this review, and it will be perfect for you, if you’re looking for software that automates profitable Amazon deals. If you don’t have time to read the below, I’d highly recommend that you try this out here.

Profitl Review Software FBA

What is Profitl?

Profitl is a website which works as a vital tool for Amazon FBA sellers. It’s main component is making key calculations to find inventory that you can purchase, then sell for a Profit on Amazon via FBA. This works for both Online arbitrage and retail arbitrage, and it’s the first Web App that I’ve seen cater for both.

Although it doesn’t seem important on the surface, if you can utilise both Online & Retail arbitrage, your profit margin will be much higher than other sellers that aren’t putting the hard work in.

Profitl Review - Homepage

Profitl is a subscription based platform, where you pay a fee to receive access to features that can increase your potential profit margin. The software will perform product research on your behalf, saving you time and money.

If you’re a new seller and you’re looking at a service like this, stay tuned for my full analysis and tutorial below to see if Profitl is suitable for you.

How does Profitl work?

Profitl has quite a few layers which makes up the full package, but the main stay for any customer will be the DealFinder Software. I’ll break each section down in pieces, so that you can understand each piece separately. It has quite a few components, so this should help you understand each aspect of the platform.

Profitl Tutorial: Using DealFinder to Find Deals

The Deal Finder, or DealFinder as Profitl brand it, will become the place where you spend most of your time on their website. It’s comparable to being a kid in a sweet shop, you literally get to pick and choose the offers which you want to purchase.

This portal contains thousands of FBA deals, all of which have been vetted and offer high profit. This software will completely eliminate the need for trawling through a number of sites, as all the hard work has already been done for you.

DealFinder Profitl App

What if I’m Gated?

If you’re gated in specific categories that’s not a problem, as there’s a filter for you to search for the exact type of investment that you want to make. It’s really useful, as it allows you to work through each category with ease, finding the highly profitable amazon listings.

On the surface, the Deal Finder is just a basic table, hidden behind a paywall that requires a subscription to access. In many ways, that’s what it is! It’s not too complicated, it offers great profit opportunities an like most things, you have to pay for the service. Pay, or invest in the service offered.

I’ve taken a snippet of the table below, I couldn’t add the whole table as this would jeapordise current members deals, and it wouldn’t be fair to Profitl’s customers to give out free leads.

Cost Price Profit Figures

The table that you can see has quite a few columns attached, which helps you with your product research to confirm that the item is correct. For example, the Amazon image that’s attached, to help you quickly verify the item.

Where Profitl get really clever with the DealFinder is with the Item Name on the inventory page. As you can see with the L’Oreal Paris Concealer, the title of the item is highlighted in Blue. Why?

Profitl Tutorial Offer Link

That’s right, Profitl even give you the link to click, so you know exactly where to purchase your next item. To an extent, this goes even further than Selleramp and Keepa, as clients are being given a physical lead.

This will lead to a much easier sourcing process, which in turn will bring faster sales, more return on investment and most importantly, more profit.

The next column on show is the Amazon ASIN details. On the surface, this will just look like a string of data, but this is very important. It’s the product code for Amazon, but it’s also a clickable link.

Just imagine, instead of having to get lost in the millions of amazon listings, you can click one link and see the price that the item is currently listed for. This will save you so much time, which you can now focus on other aspects of your business, such as stock checking or book keeping!

If you’re a more experienced business achieving more monthly sales, it’s around this point that I would advise you to take a look at extra software such as SellerAmp. This is all covered in my Amazon FBA Tips, so I’ll leave that for another day.

The next column inside the DealTracker is the estimated sales. This should not be underestimated, and will be the difference between having a good month, or earning consistent profits on a monthly basis.

Profitl Amazon ASIN Link

The profitl team haven’t disclosed exactly how they calculated the estimated sales, but we have checked free and premium service offered by alternative applications, and they’re all within the same range. The DealTracker is on the money with their estimates.

Results will always vary based on many different variables. For example, the time of year plays a big part in online arbitrage, as you can make money on lots of things.

However, if an item has consistent estimated sales, you haven’t got to worry about the estimated sales. You know that you will sell the item, regarding of the weather or holidays!

The next few are more or less self explanatory, but as this is an in-depth review I’m going to account for every feature that’s on offer.

The next few columns show Costs, Amazon Price, Profit Per Unit and the Sales Rank. As we can see above, the cost price is £3, with the sell price £9.99. This leaves a £6.99 gross profit. Instead of leaving you to calculate the net profit, the software works out what the FBA fees would be, leaving you with the profit per unit of £4.16. This is the estimated figure after Amazon fees.

Sales rank is the final figure, and as you can see above, this concealer has a sales rank of 539. What does this mean?

Well to start off with, a score of 539 is pretty good. To put this into perspective, the highest ranked product on Amazon would be Sales Rank 1. If you’re just learning about sales rank, I’d consider tranlsating this to ‘Sales Leaderboard’, as you know then that the best is always aiming for first place.

Any item with a high sale rank will be selling out fast. It doesn’t matter if this is a high street brand or Private Label, monthly sales will continue to arrive.

With FBA, prospective buyers are encouraged to stick to the top 2% of items on the market, as these would typically sell out fast. This reduces fba fees in things such as storage, returns or re-packing costs.

How much does Profitl cost?

There are a few subscription options which will suit all budgets, which is great for those with limited money. I started off on the cheaper plan myself, due to wanting to keep all of my money in the business to spend on deals that I find.

It’s worth assessing this yourself, you don’t want to spend all of your money on software, only to find that you have no money left to source products or pay amazon fees.

The good news is that I have managed to secure a discount for you. You can click here and get half price for your first month. Now the important part is to understand that there are three tiers of subscriptions. These are explained in the table below:

ProfitlIf You need a Group (No Deals)£30 / £180Monthly / AnnuallyCommunity GroupOnboarding CallChrome ExtensionAccount ManageriOS & Android AppGet it Here
CombinedIf you need it all.£60 / £300Monthly / AnnuallyCommunity GroupOnboarding CallChrome ExtensionAccount ManageriOS & Android AppDealFinderGet it Here
DealFinderSoftware for Experienced UsersTop Deal£30 / £180Monthly / AnnuallyCommunity GroupOnboarding CallDealFinderAccount ManagerGet it Here

As with most subscription services, you are given an extra discount if you pay for the annual subscription. This might work for you, and if you’re looking at maximising your Return on Investment I’d probably advise you to pay for the annual.

However, if cashflow is limited, you may be better off to purchase the monthly service offered. This will allow you to use your bank account balance to source more products and then cover the monthly operating costs with your profits. It may also be the better option if you want to try out the Profitl software, without signing up for a yearly package.

It all depends on which package you want. Personally, I only use the DealFinder package and I pay this annually. This is because it’s literally half price to pay annually. I treat this like sourcing a product, if I have the option to purchase it at 50% off, why not?

Plug Time; I work with mentoring, training and tutoring members, so if you are looking for an alternative you can always sign up to the Learn Retail Arbitrage waiting list. 

Is Profitl suitable for me?

Profitl is suitable for all experience levels. I know this because although I have knowledge and can use this for sourcing and selling stock, I also advise beginners to sign up to their service.

Although their software doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful, it does almost everything else to aid you in your journey to become profitable. All that’s left is for you to click the links and confirm the price is correct, but this is part of the process when buying anything in FBA.

The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or experienced. Their deal sheet is easy to read and it’s really easy to find successful, consistent selling items which is exactly what we need when dealing with Amazon FBA and replenishables.

Depending on your experience levels, you could always choose one of their higher tiers, which offers additional support such as an onboarding call, an account manager and a community group where you can all discuss the best strategy amongst the best sellers on the platform.

Does Profitl Work?

Profitl works incredibly well. If you’re a beginner and unsure how to find Amazon FBA deals, this software will give you a head start. It’s updated twice a week with new deals, so you can keep on sourcing new products.

It’s built with simplicity at the core. The fast links are great to use, however, you do have to check that the items are in stock. We were caught out a few times with Argos, who only seem to hold a handful of units in their clearance range. This being said, there are plenty of other retailers who you can easily choose from.

I really like the way that the software automatically provides the Amazon ASIN too, which is a clickable link that also takes you to the sale screen.

How many deals does Profitl Find?

The Deal Finder is updated two times a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is timed very well, so you can plan your weekend purchase schedule and also so you can take advantage of specific retailer discounts during midweek. It’s a great marketing strategy by stores to offer ‘Hump Day’ Discounts, but we can take advantages of these discount codes and bank the profits with our deal finder software.

At the time of writing this, there are just over 2,000 deals to work through. If that’s not money, I’m not sure what is!

Profitl DealFinder Results

Unfortunately, I am not able to show you the current value products that have been found, so I’ve had to blank those out. However, you can see in the lower corner that there are over 2,000 entries in this database.

At the time of writing this, 14th January, it’s a Friday. I checked last night, and there were 1,773 entries. This means that there’s been just under 300 leads added. This is an exceptional amount of leads for a 3 day period, remember we also received some more leads on Tuesday!

I would expect a few hundred leads every week, but this is still immense. In comparison with other products such as FastTrack FBA, we are getting much more value here with Profitl.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Profitl App

There’s no piece of software out there that’s perfect. An Affiliate may want to tell you otherwise to push an agenda, but there are always improvements that can be made. This is the same with Profitl, although I really like their software, there’s a couple of shortcomings which I will explain below.


  • It’s Priced Very Well
  • Regular Updates to DealFinder
  • Extra Software such as Chrome Extension


  • Variants sometimes Incorrect on ASIN (<5%)
  • Limited Tutorials on Website
  • Lack of Filters to Sort Retailer etc.

I think Profitl is priced really well. It’s extremely powerful and probably commands a price close to double what it currently is. You can access deals on the fly via the iOS and Android apps and the deal sheets are updated twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Profits have never been easier.

However, from time to time I have noticed that some of the offers on the sheet seem too good to be true. This is the case, and it looks as though the platform has pulled the wrong variant down. For example, below.

Profitl Review Disadvantages

A chocolate bar that costs over £5 for a single unit apparantly sells for £20. This is an immediate red flag, and although it doesn’t happen many times per month, it does make it a little tougher to find the deals. After finding this one, I manually checked another 300 listings and found this issue 4 times. That’s a 99%+ success rate.

It’s probably worth adding, these stick out like a sore thumb too, so you shouldn’t be able to make any mistakes with them.

Review of Profitl: Conclusion

I’m really enjoying using Profitl. It’s opened my eyes to a few categories that I had been forgetting about, and there’s so many websites that I hadn’t been using for sourcing stock. I use Keepa and SellerAmp, but this will prove to be a helpful tool that will spoon feed me hundreds of leads per month.

There has been a few times where the ASIN hasn’t quite matched the Item on offer, but this can be expected of a data driven software package. It wasn’t the end of the world either and it didn’t lead to a loss, which is the main thing. This will always be part of the due diligence anyway, to verify the profitability of any deals.

I don’t think you can go far wrong with Profitl. There are a few packages which you can decide from, but you aren’t in a contract. If you only want to use the DealFinder, you can do this.

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