How to Write the Perfect Product Description on eBay: A Guide for Sellers

When it comes to selling products on eBay, writing a compelling product description is key to attracting potential buyers. A well-written product description can help your item stand out among the vast sea of listings on eBay, increasing the likelihood that it will sell quickly and at a good price.

In my 10+ years as an eBay seller, I’ve seen some great listings. On the flip side, I’ve also seen some terrible ones which results in buyers not purchasing the item, due to a sincere lack of effort from a seller.

In this article, I will share some tips and tricks for writing the perfect product description on eBay. If you’ve already read the article for eBay titles, you’re now in the right place to continue your learning.

First and foremost, it’s important to read eBay’s guidelines for writing product descriptions. eBay has specific rules and requirements that sellers must follow, such as accurately describing the item’s condition, including clear photos, and avoiding misleading or false information. By familiarizing yourself with these guidelines, you can ensure that your product description meets eBay’s standards and avoids any potential issues.

In addition to following eBay’s guidelines, there are several strategies you can use to make your product description more effective. For example, including detailed information about the item’s features, benefits, and potential uses can help potential buyers understand why they should purchase your item. Using clear, concise language and avoiding jargon or technical terms can also make your product description more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Writing a Concise Product Description

When it comes to writing a product description on eBay, it’s important to keep it short and sweet. A concise product description should be to the point and provide the necessary information about the item. Here are a few tips for writing a concise product description:

  • Use short and simple sentences: Avoid using complex sentences that may confuse the reader. Use short and simple sentences that are easy to read and understand.
  • Be specific: Provide specific details about the item, such as the brand, model, and condition. This will help the buyer make an informed decision.
  • Focus on the item’s features: Highlight the item’s features that make it unique and stand out from other similar items.
  • Use bullet points: Bullet points are a great way to break up the text and make it easier to read. Use bullet points to list the item’s features and specifications.
  • Include relevant keywords: Use relevant keywords in the product description to help buyers find your item when they search for it.
  • Keep it concise: A concise product description should be short and to the point. Avoid including unnecessary information that may distract the buyer from the item’s main features.

By following these tips, you can write a concise and effective eBay product description that will help you sell your item quickly and easily.

Highlighting Product Features

When writing a product description on eBay, it’s important to highlight the key features of your product. This helps potential buyers quickly understand what your product offers and why it’s worth purchasing.

To effectively highlight product features, I recommend using bullet points or tables to make the information easy to read and understand. Use bold text to emphasize important features and make them stand out.

When describing the features, be clear and concise. Avoid using exaggerated or false claims, as this can lead to disappointed customers and negative feedback. Instead, focus on the benefits that each feature provides.

For example, if you’re selling a camera, you might highlight features such as:

  • High resolution sensor for clear, detailed images
  • Fast autofocus for capturing action shots
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy sharing and transferring of photos
  • Compact size for portability and convenience

By highlighting these features and their benefits, you’re giving potential buyers a clear idea of what your product offers and why it’s a great choice.

Including Additional Information

When selling on eBay, it’s important to provide accurate and detailed information about the item you’re selling. This includes including additional information that may be useful to potential buyers.

One important aspect of including additional information is providing accurate item condition. Be honest about any flaws or repairs that have been made to the item, and make sure to note if it is a used item. This will help prevent any misunderstandings or disputes with buyers.

Another helpful way to provide additional information is by using item specifics. eBay allows sellers to provide specific details about their items, such as brand, size, color, and more. This can help buyers find exactly what they’re looking for and make informed purchasing decisions.

When including additional information, it’s important to be clear and concise. Use bullet points or tables to organize information and make it easier to read. Bold important details to make them stand out.

Overall, providing accurate and detailed additional information can help increase buyer confidence and lead to successful sales.

Implementing SEO Strategies

As an eBay seller, implementing SEO strategies is crucial to ensure that your product descriptions are visible to potential buyers. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of optimizing your content to rank higher in search engine results. In this section, I will share some tips on how to implement SEO strategies for your eBay product descriptions.

Firstly, it is important to understand that eBay’s search engine, Cassini, works similarly to Google’s search engine. This means that optimizing your product descriptions for Google will also help improve your visibility on eBay.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is keyword research. Start by identifying the keywords that potential buyers might use to search for your product. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or eBay’s Terapeak to find relevant keywords. Incorporate these keywords into your product title and description, but make sure to use them naturally and avoid keyword stuffing.

Another important aspect of SEO is the use of meta tags. eBay allows you to add up to 80 characters of meta keywords and a meta description to your product listing. Use these tags to provide a concise summary of your product and include relevant keywords.

In addition to keywords and meta tags, there are other factors that can impact your eBay search rankings. These include the number of sales you’ve made, your seller rating, and the quality of your product images. Make sure to provide high-quality images and accurate product descriptions to increase your chances of appearing on the first page of search results.

In conclusion, implementing SEO strategies is essential for eBay sellers who want to increase their visibility and attract more buyers. By conducting keyword research, using meta tags, and optimizing other factors that impact search rankings, you can improve your chances of appearing on the first page of search results and ultimately increase your sales.

Using Templates and Formatting

When it comes to creating a product description on eBay, using templates and formatting can be incredibly helpful. Not only can it save time, but it can also ensure that your description is consistent and easy to read.

One option is to use eBay’s description templates, which provide a basic structure that you can customize to fit your needs. These templates include sections for item specifics, shipping information, and return policies, among others. By using these templates, you can ensure that you cover all the necessary information without having to start from scratch.

Another option is to create your own template using a word processing program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. This allows you to create a custom format that fits your brand and product. You can include headers, bullet points, tables, and other formatting options to make your description more visually appealing and easier to read.

When it comes to formatting, it’s important to keep readability in mind. Use short paragraphs and break up text with headers and bullet points to make it easier for buyers to skim through your description. Use bold text to highlight important information, such as product features or shipping details.

In terms of style, it’s important to be consistent throughout your description. Use the same font, font size, and color scheme throughout. This helps to create a cohesive look and feel that reflects your brand.

Overall, using templates and formatting can be a great way to create a professional-looking product description on eBay. Whether you use eBay’s templates or create your own, make sure to keep readability and consistency in mind to create a description that stands out to buyers.

Setting Clear Policies

As a seller on eBay, it’s important to set clear policies for your customers. This will help avoid any confusion or misunderstandings, and ensure a smooth transaction process. Here are some tips on how to set clear policies:

Return Policy

One of the most important policies to set is your return policy. Make sure it’s clear and easy to understand. Customers want to know what will happen if they receive a product that’s not as described or if they change their mind and want to return it.

When setting your return policy, consider the following questions:

  • How long do customers have to return an item?
  • Who pays for the return shipping?
  • Will there be a restocking fee?
  • What condition must the item be in for a return to be accepted?

Make sure to clearly state your return policy in your product description and on your eBay store page.

Shipping Policy

Another important policy to set is your shipping policy. Customers want to know when they can expect to receive their item and how it will be shipped.

When setting your shipping policy, consider the following questions:

  • How long will it take for the item to ship?
  • What shipping carrier will be used?
  • Will there be tracking information provided?
  • Will you offer expedited shipping options?

Make sure to clearly state your shipping policy in your product description and on your eBay store page.

Customer Service

Finally, make sure to provide excellent customer service. This includes promptly responding to customer inquiries and addressing any issues that may arise.

When providing customer service, consider the following:

  • Respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours.
  • Be polite and professional in your communication.
  • Try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

By setting clear policies and providing excellent customer service, you can ensure a positive experience for your customers and increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Standing Out From the Competition

When selling on eBay, it’s important to stand out from the competition, especially if you’re selling a popular product. Here are a few tips to help you write a product description that will grab the attention of potential buyers:

  • Provide detailed information: Make sure to include all the necessary information about your product, such as color, size, and category. This will help buyers find your listing when they search for specific products.
  • Highlight the value: Explain why your product is valuable and why it’s worth the price. Use bullet points to list the features and benefits of your product.
  • Be trustworthy: Provide information about yourself and your business to build trust with potential buyers. Include a photo of yourself and your stockpile if possible. Also, make sure to link to the manufacturer’s website if you’re selling a well-known brand.
  • Stand out with your writing: Use clear, concise language that is easy to understand. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that might confuse buyers. Use bold text to highlight important information, such as the price or shipping details.
  • Use Terapeak to research your competition: Use Terapeak to research your competitors and see what they’re selling and for how much. This will help you price your product competitively.
  • Offer something unique: If possible, offer something unique that your competitors don’t offer. For example, if you’re selling treadmills, offer a free workout plan or a discount on your next purchase.

By following these tips, you can write a product description that stands out from the competition and helps you sell your products on eBay.


In conclusion, writing a perfect product description on eBay is all about providing accurate and detailed information about the product while keeping it concise and convenient for the buyer. It is important to use positive language to highlight the benefits of the product, but at the same time, avoid making exaggerated or false claims.

Headings and bullet points can be used to break up the text and make it easier to read and understand. It is also important to stay within the word limit and use relevant keywords to improve the visibility of the listing.

Shipping information should be clearly stated, including the cost and estimated delivery time. Providing product details such as dimensions, materials, and features can help the buyer make an informed decision.

Creating a listing that offers a solution to the buyer’s problem can increase the chances of a sale. Accuracy is key, so double-check all information before publishing the listing.

Overall, writing the perfect product description on eBay requires a confident and knowledgeable approach. By following these tips and guidelines, you can create a listing that stands out and attracts potential buyers.

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