Pokémon Van Gogh Pikachu Promo Card: The Controversy & News

In the reselling world, there’s often controversy. I understand it fully, as we are a group of people buying things that we don’t really want, in order to make people that want it… pay more.

This is the one part of reselling I don’t like, and it always feels unethical. The Pokemon community is one that doesn’t take kindly to re-sellers at all. They go out in force to verbally abuse sellers, which I think is also unethical.

The Pokemon Van Gogh Pikachu which has released this week, has re-ignited the battle between buyers and sellers from Pokemon TCG.

What is the Pokemon Van Gogh Pikachu Promo Card?

Pokémon has released a new promo card featuring Pikachu in the style of legendary painter Vincent Van Gogh. The Van Gogh promo card is part of a new Pokémon x Van Gogh exhibition at Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, which celebrates the life and work of the hugely influential 19th-century painter.

The exhibition includes six Van Gogh paintings recreated with Pokémon, such as Sunflowers with a hidden Sunflora, and Snorlax and Munchlax making a cameo in The Bedroom.

These promotional cards look extremely cool, and they’re extremely popular.

Van Gogh Pokemon - Pikachu Promo Card

The limited-edition promo card is being offered to those who book a ticket for the exhibition between September 28th and January 7th next year. To receive the free card in person, visitors must complete the Pokémon Adventure activity, a scavenger hunt leaflet designed to encourage children to learn more about Van Gogh’s original paintings.

In addition to being given out at the Exhibition, this Promo Card dropped on the Pokemon Center. I ordered two of these, but I didn’t go crazy as I’ve seen many promo cards eventually selling for pennies.

Pokemon Center Van Gogh Pikachu Promo Card

However, this release does seem a little different. It was genuinely hard to checkout, with items going Out of Stock as fast as I could enter my billing address. In addition to this, it seems that there is even genuine interest in the other items, with this Double Deck Box selling for £40.

Despite being aimed at young children, the offer of a free Pokémon promo card has drawn many older collectors to the museum in the hope of picking up the card.

Video posted to X/Twitter shows packed crowds of adults crammed into the museum and clearing out shelves of merchandise featuring the Van Gogh Pikachu, with the implication being that many are scalpers hoping to flip the limited promo card for a profit online.

That’s the part that’s a little disappointing really, it just shows you how far someone is willing to go in order to make some money. Even in our communities, we were seeing members genuinely attempting to book flights to Amsterdam.

At the time of writing this article, there are 881 listings for the Van Gogh Pikachu promo card. We’ve also seen sales ranging from £80 to £399.99.

Van Gogh Pikachu eBay Sales

It’s worth noting that not all 881 listings will be of the pictured promo card above, some sellers are selling canvases, tote bags and even pin badges relating to this release… and they’re reselling too.

Where to Find the Van Gogh Pikachu Promo Card

Now, I don’t normally give away my sources when re-selling, as I have stock and other sellers to protect. However, with this one it does seem to be the case that this promo card will be printed to match the demand.

This means that you shouldn’t rush and buy them on eBay for £300+. That’s right, we’ve already seen this selling for super high amounts, bare in mind that it’s a Free Promo Card!

The collaboration between Pokémon and Van Gogh is not the first time that Pokémon have been reimagined in the style of a legendary painter. In 2018, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum offered an official set of Pokémon cards inspired by Edvard Munch’s iconic painting The Scream, putting the likes of Pikachu, Eevee and Psyduck in the role of the haunted figure from the original.

A ‘pristine’ copy of the Pikachu Munch’s Scream card subsequently sold for $15,000 at auction earlier this year.

Do you think this will be a promo card for the ages? Or is this just a Hype release, which will eventually simmer out just like the Pikachu Futsal card did?

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