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I’m not actually sure if FBA Consultant is a Job Title as such, but we are a group of two that will help you to understand Amazon FBA & how to become successful.

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Hi, I’m Tom!

Head Re-seller

We are here to offer tips and advice, about all areas of Reselling Online. FBA, FBM, OA, RA & eBay.

Learn Retail Arbitrage was founded by Thomas, who has been making money online for almost 10 years (9 years and 3 months as of January 2022).

Thomas has experience in Matched Betting, Reselling, even using Bots to secure high value items that can be re-sold.

Since 2019, he has focused solely on Amazon FBA as he looks to take a hands-off approach with the business.

He founded Learn Retail Arbitrage due to realising that there was a huge deficit in information about Amazon FBA. This is due to many platforms requiring for memerships to access courses.

Whilst some courses do warrant a fee, Learn Retail Arbitrage believes that you should be given an alternative. This website is the alternative.

Although we do contain some affiliate links, our articles will never require a subscription fee, you will never be charged to access the information that should be freely available to you.

The Experience that Thomas has gained over the years has been documented in The Blog, which is where you will find a breakdown of various information. 

From Creating Your Seller Account, to receiving your profits, we help you through it all.

LRA is managed by a team of four, including the customary office dog. Together, we have spent over £2 million pounds on products, with an average return on investment of 24%. This is over a three year period.

You might ask; Why is your website free?

This approach gained the site a lot of admirers, and equally a lot of haters too – some people don’t understand that I’m truly in this to help people; to pay forward what was once passed on to me.

Instead of taking money out of your pockets, we take a small percentage of Profit that software providers make, meaning no changes to your bank balance. 

It’s time to explain who does what around here…

Hi, I’m Jamie!

Developing the next Stages of Learn Retail Arbitrage

I’m Jamie and I had the original idea to start Learn Retail Arbitrage.

Although I’m now shy to admit it, I originally wanted LRA to become another subscription site where users paid to receive Custom Leads and deals sourced for them.

The problem? There are already sites out there that have an established base of members, and as a team we really dislike the Internet Marketing vibe. 

“I’ve done so well following this platform, sign up here”. It just didn’t sit right with us as a team.

So one night we sat around the table at our local pub, and had the idea to bring this website to life, using a completely free to access model.

I decided to take the reigns for all instructional videos to do with Keepa, as that’s my forte. You’ll see me pop-up now and again in the blog. 

Don’t be afraid to drop a comment, if you like the article, or if you need some further assistance. This is why we exist, to create content that helps you.

I’m Thomas, and the reason that this website is free today is because I argued for it!

(I’m a little less shy to admit this, as it makes me the good guy in this world).

I work full-time alongside my FBA project, which is why I wanted to make this free to access. I didn’t truly feel that I could charge for membership to something that I’m not able to give 100% to. 

I know there’s lots of other groups that deploy admins to assist their members, but I’m very much hands on.

Remaining a Free to Access site allows me to provide support, around my schedule.

I first learnt about Amazon FBA when I was reselling. However, I couldn’t be bothered to sign up.

All I could think, was that I’d be sat scrolling through websites on a daily basis, having no joy… making no profit.

There are days like this, definitely. However, Amazon FBA is a slow and consistent burner. It’s good!

I do still keep my ties with reselling, because this is where I can make single purchases that can earn hundreds of pounds in a single hit. 

My Amazon FBA business is running close to automated, with 3 Virtual Assistants deployed to purchase products, send them to the prep center and complete admin to keep things neat. 

My Prep Center then deals with the Amazon Listings, for a small fee.

You’ll see me doing the product reviews & some FBA beginner guides.

Have Any Questions?

Get in touch, we will be happy to help!


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